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Aradessa Smith

Post  PurpleRose on Mon May 27, 2013 11:20 am

Name:Aradessa Smith
God Parent:Helios(is it okay for them to be a titan demigod?)
Mortal Family:Angelica Smith(mother,deceased)
Years in Camp:0 her mother died when she was young and her father made her join the titan army.
Brief History:Aradessa's mother died when she was young,forcing her to be moved to the titan army by her father.She Shelnowsknows she should feel evil like the others but she just can't bring herself to.She knows this plan to overthrow the gods is wrong, but she is unable to do anything about it without being killed by her fellow comrades.Everyone here has their mind clouded with the wrong judgement, beneath that most are good people who have lost their way and just need help finding it.
Physical Appearance:Ari has long wavy,dark brown hair that falls mid-back with striking fiery, golden eyes that shine like the sun itself.She has flawless tan skin and is of average height with an hour glass figure.She has soft pink, pouty lips that conceal a set of perfectly whitened teeth.Aradessa is beautiful, but she sees herself as average.
Personality:Around strangers Ari is cold and sarcastic to make sure no-one suspects her true nature.Around her friends she is kind and bubbly, always listening to their problems and helping them.Though she's as heartless as her father when he's around or if someone compared her to him.
Fatal Flaw:Aradessa cares for her friends more than anything in the world and would willingly put herself in danger of our meant saving them.
Talents:Creating blinding light from the palms of her hands, creating heat, and has an enchanting voice(not magical)
Weapons:A dagger made of celestial bronze.
Other: she has a helping named Caia that is good as well, but plays along for Ari's safety.


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Re: Aradessa Smith

Post  Lily on Mon Jun 03, 2013 7:15 am

So Ari a nickname? Razz

Well, there's two flaws you'll need to fix.
First: Our site doesn't allow titan demigods. Sorry. Here:
Look at this. It's a list of gods we usually let in.

And: that history is more of a personality.
Try describing Ari's life before her mother died. How her father forced her to move to the titan army.

Fix 'em, and i think it'll be better.
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