Malachai Knight

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Malachai Knight

Post  Sir Malachai on Sat Oct 19, 2013 10:55 pm

Name: Malachai Knight

Age: 15

God Parent: Nemesis

Mortal Family: William Knight

Years in Camp: 2

Brief History: Malachai is a Son of Nemesis, Goddess of Vengeance. He grew up with his Father, a historian in Medieval Culture. They lived together in a simple house in a simple neighborhood, and for the most part Malachai was able to lead a normal life.... until he hit the age of twelve. He had been the best in his class at Kendo, and that was when the monster attacked. The gym teacher, who Malachai always thought was a little slow, turned out to be a Cyclops. Malachai ran out of the school away from the monster, when he stumbled across a satyr, who really freaked him out after the random cyclops trying to kill him. Fortunately, after a brief tussle with the satyr, he convinced Malachai to follow him away from the monster that pursued them and to camp Half blood. There he found his true parentage and,after messaging his Father he was fine, began to train as a half blood.

Physical Appearance: Malachai has dark brown hair. He wear Dark blue jeans and usually  some sort of black or white t shirt if he isn't wearing his camp half blood shirt. If not this, He can be seen fully decked out in Greek battle armor, almost like a spartan. (he likes the cape ^^) Malachai has Blue eyes.

Personality:For a child of Vengeance, Malachai is actually pretty kind...well until you tick him off or offend him. He is very independent and doesn't tend to linger around others too much, except maybe a few close friends he has made. He can be seen either in the arena, or in the forge trying to get his weapons and such fixed or improved.  

Fatal Flaw: Pride. Malachai is very prideful, so much that he can face a losing battle, or be on the brink of death and still not ask for help.

Talents: Sword Fighting, chess, battle tactics, underwater basket weaving

Weapons: Long Sword (yet to be named), Spear, and shield


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Re: Malachai Knight

Post  GeneralArin on Sat Oct 19, 2013 11:25 pm

I think it's fine. I vote approved.
Wait for another staff member to comment on it.

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Re: Malachai Knight

Post  ©razy Dude on Sun Oct 20, 2013 12:44 am


I envision Andrew's armor as that also pretty cool crap right there.
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Re: Malachai Knight

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