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Ylva Rae Styll

Post  Finvarre on Fri Dec 20, 2013 10:43 pm

Name: Ylva Raenin Styll (Goes by Rae)
Age: Seventeen.
God Parent: Phobetor
Mortal Family: Eric Styll- Brother.
Years in Camp: Three years.

Brief History:
-Ylva's parents died in a wreck, when she was eight. After her and her brother filtered through a few foster homes, before finally being allowed to stay with him as her guardian when he got a job at the age of seventeen, and her age of fourteen.

Ylva was a Freshman in high school, the one girl who always sat in the corner of the classroom and left with spit wads coating her. Being one of the kids labeled as a 'Sadistic, black clad, corner loving, pasty-white, born in the night, light fearing, room clearing, emo kid', She found it hard to make friends. Being the result of a parent-less past, the only true friends she had were found in her brother, Eric, and his friend Daemon Walker.
Walking home from a typical day of being bullied in class, she was on her way to meet up with Daemon and Eric, to go to their once-a-month eat out at a restaurant, when it happened. A Cyclops was following her, and she noticed it. After a moment of being scared, she tried a back-alley way to the meeting place. Having turned too early, she realized too late that she was trapped in a dead-end alley. Turning to face her assailant, she raised her fists in a poor attempt of pugilism... Before Daemon appeared at the end, yelling for her.

"Rae!" Daemon's form was highlighted under the streetlight, just behind the hulking form that trapped me in the small alley. "Daemon, help! Where's Eric!?" Before Ylva could finish her sentence, her friend that often had a walking stick to help his hurt ankles was fighting the figure, wielding the walking cane as though it were a tae-kwon-doh weapon or something. After a few moments of fighting, what was once an ominous and oppressing figure, was now dust. "Rae, come on! We've gotta go!" Daemon was now staring around, his green eyes wide under his curly bronze hair. "Daemon, where is Eric?!" Ylva's voice was now cracking, as she was finally realizing the severity of the situation. As though he were impatient, Daemon gave her a look. "He's safe, Rae. Now, come ON! We don't have long!"...

After the initial shock of finding out that one of the two people she lived with was a Satyr, Ylva was given the choice to stay with his brother- at the expense of putting him in immediate danger, or move to camp half-blood. Choosing to protect the only family that she had, she got in a black car- driving away with Daemon to her new home.

Physical Appearance: Ylva has long, raven-black hair, that is normally pulled back into a braid. Sporting a black leather jacket, A7x tee, and black cargo pants with silver chains, she was labeled as a, 'Emo for life' student. She wears several silver necklaces, and one Celestial bronze medallion of a wolf howling at a moon.

Personality: Ylva.. Is comical. Quiet, and studious when she needs to be, she has no real friends, yet. When around People she likes, though... You can't get her to shut up.
Fatal Flaw: Nightmares of the first incident with her true realm still haunt her... Making it a fear factor. Now, when she's stuck in any dead-ended area, she'll freeze up in combat, and slip up on her own moves.
Talents: Ylva can cause people to fall asleep, if they aren't in immediate combat with her. Usually she'll take one of her many silver necklaces, and just wave it back and forth in front of them. This allows her to give them nightmares. She can talk with predatory animals, and use some of their senses due to her father's ability to turn into them.
Weapons: Dual Chakrams. She's all into those. She also uses swords of various kinds.
Other: Rae normally carries a book with her.


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Re: Ylva Rae Styll

Post  GeneralArin on Sat Dec 21, 2013 3:52 pm

Well, your bio is very impressive. Well done.

Your personality is rather short, though. It looks like you have established a bit more about her in the bio, though. Try and incorporate that.

Then Fatal Flaw is more of a personality short-coming. While I'll agree your agoraphobia could be very dangerous or at least limiting, it's not really *the* fatal flaw. Like I said, it's more related to your personality than anything else, so making that more detailed would help. Something that I find helps is to take the main aspect of your personality, like for my character Determination/Stubbornness, and stretch it until it becomes something bad. For Percy, you'd take his caring and loyal nature, then stretch it until you get him dropping every other important thing to help someone he's close to. For Odysseus, you'd take his confident and intelligent nature and stretch it until he thinks he can do anything without significant consequences.

I'm not sure about your powers, since you are a minor god child. Giving nightmares, I understand, and I see where you're coming from with the rest of it, but it seems a bit strong. Dreamwalking sounds good, but I'm on the fence about the rest of it.

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