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Nico Amare

Post  Andrew Andreli on Mon Jan 06, 2014 2:35 am

Name- Nico Amare

Age- Fourteen years

God Parent- Eros

Mortal Family- Salina Amare (Mother), Venus Amare (Half-Sister), Camilla Amare (Half-Sister)

Years in Titan Army- One year

Brief History-   Nico's mother and father met on a rainy night, the year Nico was to be born. Eros had seen her beauty, and immediately fell for her. The night consisted of endless attempts to win Salina over; starting a spin the bottle, truth or dare, and even pulling out a bow and arrow to shoot her with (before he realized doing that at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower in public would possibly expose the gods to be real). Finally, he walked up to her and kissed her, without putting a thought into the action. Salina immediately found feelings for this man, and the two continued the night together, going to restaurants, jewelry stores, but Eros surprised Salina by taking her up to the top of the Eiffel Tower at the end of that very night and proposed to her. Salina said yes, and months later the two were married with a child (Nico) coming soon. Their relationship continued until the day of Nico's third birthday.
 It was that day, the first of December, that Eros had to give up on Salina, due to orders from Zeus. He tried to ignore the order, but Zeus threatened him with  punishment of death onto Nico and his mother if Eros disagreed with Zeus. Eros followed his grandfather's command to protect his family, and hasn't had contact with the family since then.
 Devastated by the separation of her and her ex-husband, Salina moved to America with Nico to start a new life. There, she met another man who bore her Venus and Camilla. After the twins' birth, he left. Nico was ten at that time, and old enough to understand what was going on. His mother explained to him Lucas (her past boyfriend, Venus and Camilla's father) left them, and the family had no money. Nico found work he could do with payment (mowing lawns, selling lemonade, etc.) and gave that money to his mother to help support the family.
 At the age of twelve, Nico felt love for the first time in his life (besides the unconditional love from his family). He started to date Simone LA Questa, the girl next door. Their relationship continued on until Nico's mother moved the family to California because of a job opening. His heart crushed, Nico ran away to someplace, anyplace he could find. That's how he found the Titan Army.
 In the Titan Army, Nico was claimed to be a son of Eros. He learned to fight and use his abilities with love, control them, and even attack with them. There, he learned how to hate the gods, yet he knew deep down, they were wrong; the gods were nice, and Eros loved him. He went along with everything, though, out of fear he may be punished for his beliefs.

Physical Appearance- Nico had a fair amount of dark hair that covered his head mostly, with very pale skin that was as light as the moon, and was soft to the touch. His eyes were a blue topaz, with a height of 5"9. He was sickly thin, and weak. He often wore blue jeans with a plain T-Shirt.

Personality- Nico is social, but humble. It's odd for a child of Eros to not be obsessed with himself and stuff, but he doesn't care whether he's a stereotypical kid or not. He was independent in several things, but mostly worked well in a group (especially a group of girls). Nico tried to help others with what they thought was right, but he also fought for what he thought was right, also. Although, fear sometimes kept him from doing that, for example him knowing Eros cared for him, and the Titan Army was wrong. Otherwise, he was almost "average."

Fatal Flaw- Nico was incredibly stubborn, and would never give up if he set his mind to something. No matter what, even if he thought of some crazy idea (which, he often did), he'd complete the mission, or die trying. He'd never give up.

Talents- Nico can naturally speak French, because it is the language of love. He is also well with a bow and arrow, but is better with long-distance weapons, for some reason. And finally, he can persuade others with his voice. Only slightly persuade, but the effect would work on the most guidable people.

Weapons- Nico has a flat stone that when he tossed into the air, turned into a long, stone-tipped spear that he named Fortis (Latin for Brave).

Other- Whoa. I think I'm finished.

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Re: Nico Amare

Post  ©razy Dude on Mon Jan 06, 2014 4:45 pm

Have you asked for permission to make this from any Admin?

If so it looks fine to me.
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Re: Nico Amare

Post  GeneralArin on Mon Jan 06, 2014 6:25 pm

Your app is detailed and all, but a few things don't add up with Eros.

First of all, the minor version of charmspeak. I'm going to shoot that down, because that isn't really what Eros does. Maybe make people attracted to one another, or even to you, but otherwise, not really. And he's a minor god, so not much power would be passed on.

"He is also well with a bow and arrow, but is better with long-distance weapons, for some reason."<-- what's a longer distance weapon than the bow? Should that 'but' be there?

The bio sounds a bit like Eros, who was part of a myth: "Eros and Psyche". But at the same time, I don't think Eros kids would be self-centered, unless that was a part of their own personality, because Eros wasn't really. Maybe a bit haphazard with his archery, but not self-centered.

Your reasoning with joining the TA is a bit weak. At least with the bit about believing Eros did love him. He has no knowledge of Eros, just the man he knew as his father. And that man left when he was three. I can understand him being uncertain about whether the gods are good or evil, but unless he has a naive, childlike personality, and the tendency to cling to an idea, then believing the gods were 'nice' isn't very probable.

Now about having a second in general. You've posted in four IC topics. Which add up to a total of 6 pages.
You're on a lot, but you've posted more OOC than IC.

Why don't you develop your current character more for a bit longer, and impact the story more with the guy you have, then we'll see about a second character.

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Re: Nico Amare

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