Riding Freely (Someone join!)

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Riding Freely (Someone join!)

Post  Guest on Mon Jan 06, 2014 11:30 pm

Jared wandered upon the stables, freely and alone. It was the second time he'd been there, the first time being part of the tour he went through once he got into camp. The pegasi were beautiful, almost flawless, it looked. Jared had never ridden on a horse, let alone a pegasus. He imagined a ride would make one feel courageous, powerful, and bold. How that would feel, to have those emotions....Jared only could wish to have.

 He studied each pegasus carefully, making sure to know which "fit" him best. He saw each one, and surveyed the answers he gave in his mind. No. No. No. No. No. Ooh, white one! No. Then he found a flying horse that he seemed to feel attached to- a deep black one with blue eyes. Jared calmly put his palm on the pegasus's snout (nose, whatever), hearing a neigh of approval from the creature. "Yeah, you like that, boy?" He asked. It seemed stupid to a talk to something that couldn't reply to you, but Jared was the only half-blood there, as far as he knew.

Jared opened the stable gate and lead the pegasus out of the small stables. He climbed atop the flying horse, and started kicking its side softly. When the pegasus started moving, and eventually lifting off the ground, the boy felt amazing. The feeling was exactly what he thought the experience would be. "I think I'll call you Black Beauty, boy," he said. There was a neigh , and Jared smiled. He looked down to the ground, far below him, and saw the camp of demigods. " Beautiful," he whispered. Being a son of Apollo, he'd seen many musicals. 

This is what "Defying Gravity" meant to him. It was as if he Elphaba, flying over Oz in rebellion. It was...glorious.

(Note- If you want to hear the theme song to the last part of this, here it is: Defying Gravity (Glee) )


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Re: Riding Freely (Someone join!)

Post  Catryn Greyling on Wed Jan 08, 2014 4:20 am

Cat hoped there was no one else at the stables. Riding a pegasus for the first time was bound to be... a trying experience. An audience was the last thing she wanted. Hopefully it would be empty, and she'd have the chance to at least get the basics down before letting anyone see. She walked in, sneakers kicking around a bit of loose hay.
   Great. Someone was there. In fact, it was one of her... cabin mates, Jared. He was leading a black pegasus out of its stable. She pressed her lips together and opted to ignore them, instead looking among the pegasus for whichever one that seemed the friendliest.

  [Hm... a little shorter than I'd hoped, but I have to sleep, and it should be enough for now. ^_^]
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