Ryan Westcott

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Ryan Westcott

Post  Toasters101 on Sun Jan 19, 2014 8:56 am

Name:Ryan Westcott
Godly parent:Demeter


Ryan was always a nature kid he would always go outside and go on imaginary adventures in the forest when he was a young eight year old child .His mother Jannet would always show him how to tend to the garden they kept, and sense then Ryan has never found something as fulfilling as tending to his mothers plants  one day a fierce wolf wolf came by and threaten to eat the plants that Ryan held so dear to his heart. Ryan decided to charge the wolf trying to hurt his plants and in his rage Ryan killed the wolf with one blow of his rake, unfortunately his mother had saw what  her eight year old had accomplished and in her fear sent Ryan to military school.Ryan at the time developed a deep love for plants to the point were he treated them like siblings,he would sneak out of camp some times and plant,feed and grow any sort of plant he could find.

When Westcott returned to his mother Jannet at age nine she noticed some differences in her sons behavior,like he would would cringe when she got near any off his beloved plants.Things started to clear up with his mother,but eventually at age 12 Ryan would be sent back to boarding school and would learn how dark his world really was. While sneaking out of class Ryan meets a friendly dryad outside of campus the dryad thanks the child of Demeter for his roll in taking care of nature and she made him a scythe with a wooden hilt old but strong enough to break bones and a shiny blade made out of Stygian Iron. The dryad warned him of the dangers to come and told the boy to head for a place known as camp half blood. Ryan soon found the mysterious place and decided to stay year round.

Fatal Flaw
over protective

Ryan suffers dreadfully from the need  to protect his well grown plants from any outsider, this obviously cripples his social capability as well as puts him in a vulnerable state when he trust somebody he will go out of his way to make sure that person does not even gain a scratch    even die for that cause he will  kill anyone who tries to screw with his plants.


Tall somewhat muscular wears a cowboy hat, a green cameo jacket, some blue jeans, he wears brown run down boots along with sun glasses and some gardening gloves. Westcott is a Caucasian brown haired blue eyed man along with his tiny scar he got on his cheek during boot camp.


Ryan will kill anyone who hurts his plants,normally Ryan does not speak until spoken to......unless he wants to share his sarcastic point of view on the subject Ryan normally is nice unless you got on his bad side.


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Re: Ryan Westcott

Post  ©razy Dude on Sun Jan 19, 2014 5:28 pm

Ok first off wolves are carnivores therefore won't eat vegetation.

Stygian iron can only be used by demigods who's parents are gods/ goddesses from the Underworld.

I'm also confused on how he found the camp specifically because I doubt it would be found randomly.

Edit: Also how did you kill the wolf in one hit and how long have you been in Camp?
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Re: Ryan Westcott

Post  GeneralArin on Sun Jan 19, 2014 9:44 pm

Correction on one point: We haven't allowed *any* iron swords on this site.

To add a point: Could you change your format to our site's character application? Yours is missing a few key categories.

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Re: Ryan Westcott

Post  Wes on Sun Jan 19, 2014 10:33 pm

Is this his step-mom, or adoptive mom, or what? It wasn't exactly clear on what his relationship with this woman is if he's really a child of the goddess of agriculture. That's the only question I have to add.


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Re: Ryan Westcott

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