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Post  Shade Hardy on Tue Feb 18, 2014 11:32 am

The leaves crunched under Shade's feet. He was feeling a bit down today. Shade hasn't been able to reach his Dad in a while. He was just trying to pass the time right now. Ever since school started for other campers it's been really quiet at camp. Shade pulled out the last letter his Dad had sent him.

Hello Shade,

I'm doing ok. I hope you are too! Just so you know you're staying at Camp Half Blood all year round now. So that means you don't have to go to school. I hope you realize this is only because I couldn't find a school that would accept you after what happened at the last one.

Love You,

You're Dad Alec Hardy.

Shade sighed and put the letter that has been folded a lot back in his pocket.
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