Arianne Smallwood

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Arianne Smallwood

Post  murane on Sat Mar 01, 2014 1:29 pm

Name: Arianne (Aria) Smallwood

Age: 16

God Parent: Apollo

Mortal Family: Jessica Smallwood (mom), David Smallwood (stepdad), Robert and Jonathan Smallwood (younger brothers, twins), Marie Smallwood (younger sister)

Years in Camp: 4

Brief History: Arianne grew up with her family in Seattle. Until she learned about her godly heritage, she thought that David was her real father. Her mother was pregnant with her when she met David, but he didn't mind and they married when Arianne was two years old. Since her ADHD isn't as bad as with many other demigods and her school gave her extra help because of her dyslexia she does really great in school and her plans for the future is to become a doctor, or a nutritionist, or a teacher, or a chef.. she can't really decide.

On the last day of school before the summer she turned twelve, she learned about her godly heritage, she was very confused and scared, but she agreed to talk to her parents so that they would let her go to Camp Half Blood. They didn't even hesitate, and were almost relieved that she would go there.

Physical Appearance: Arianne has curly red-brownish hair to below her shoulders and deep brown eyes. She is very athletic, and you can see that she is strong. Most people would describe her as adorable, with her big eyes, blonde hair and white smile. Arianne is neither tall nor short, she is just around average height.

Personality: Arianne is bery stubborn and proud, if you are in an argument with her and she realizes she are wrong, she will continue arguing in the hopes of ending up less wrong. Because of this she is also a very sore loser, and treats every game/sport as if it was the Olympics. Even if she loves winning, she hates being the center of attention and will do everything in her power to not be on a stage. Besides this, she is very happy-go-lucky and positive. She is very kind and will try to comfort everyone as best as she can. She can be very loud and clumsy.

Fatal Flaw: She struggles with making decisions. She once stood in the grocery store for one hour trying to decide if she wanted apples or bananas. This only gets worse when she's under stress, so in life-threatening situations she could freeze and analyze the outcome of the different decisions she has, trying to decide. And get herself and possibly others, killed.

Talents: Even though she doesn't want to perform, Arianne is really good at singing and she plays guitar, drums, violin and ukulele. She is also a really great cook. Both her mom and step-dad are surgeons so she has spent some time at the hospital, and there she found out  that she has a "natural gift" in medicine.

Weapons: Ariannes weapon of choice is a sword, if no sword is available she will make do with an axe or a spear. Oddly enough, she avoids archery at all costs.

Other: She hates being called Arianne, if you call her Arianne she probably won't reply. She prefers Aria.


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Re: Arianne Smallwood

Post  GeneralArin on Sat Mar 01, 2014 9:10 pm

For your bio, you need to add camp life thus far, since your character has been at camp for four years. 

Typo in the personality: *very stubborn. Just saying.

Other than that, it seems good. The fatal flaw is also good, but feels rather unrelated to your personality. Make the two more related.

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Re: Arianne Smallwood

Post  Cerulaen on Sun Mar 02, 2014 9:56 pm

The Fatal Flaw made me laugh, so I like it. xP As someone who personally struggles with making decisions quickly, I understand the fatality of it. Urgh, driving cars, man... don't let me make fast decisions on the road. Bad things happen. Like fences getting run over. #TrueStory I will agree with Jake, though, that it needs to connect to the personality more.

Question: is there a reason she has an aversion to archery? Just kinda curious.

Since you've bothered to mention that she has siblings and a step-father, I'd kinda like to see a bit of her relationship with them, just to have more an idea what her home-life was like and how it affected her as a person. Other than that, everything looks good.
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Re: Arianne Smallwood

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