A Ungodly Arrival Of...

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A Ungodly Arrival Of...

Post  Guest on Mon Mar 10, 2014 10:30 pm

Hunger rumbled throw the belly of the boy. It had been days since he had ate and even longer since he has bath. The deep forest seen to twist and whine in every direction. Passing one to another the place started more and more to look like a maze. Coughing up blood, he started to realize that there was not much time left until he was destine to die. Pulling every fibber of his remaining strength he mad a bolt in one direction.
A few minutes passed before the gigantic tree smashed into the boy like a mole in "WACK A MOLE". Dazing at the branches and the out of hand stems she started to lose his way back into the mind from where he came. Then the stomach rumbled again sending the boy back into his back throwing up more blood. His vision was starting to blur, and the world looked as if it was going to tilt. Walking forward he passed into a camp which could not be seen. A moment back and it was not there...a moment forward and here it appear. Messing with logic was one thing he loved to do but, it was the last on his mind.
He bolted following his nose to a house that tower over the rest. A elegant brick fixture with a wine red roof tile. Like from a dream he march forward in. "I don't know where I am, and I don't care much ether for If there food, I could stay happier..." he through to himself. Fate had walked him in, starving half to death with a belly filled with air only the gods could tell if this was going to be his far well.


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Re: A Ungodly Arrival Of...

Post  Music~Mayhem on Mon May 26, 2014 3:22 pm

((Can I join? Smile ))

Velika had been walking on some off time after a few hours of practice in the arena. She had just made it to the hill, a little ways off from the entrance to camp. She smiled when she saw a new kid pass through the shield, a rare thing with her. Her smile quickly diminished though when she saw the state of the boy. Her pace quickened as she made her way over to him. As she got closer, she started seeing more defined things about him, such as the blood around his mouth, the dirt in his hair, on his face, and in his clothes, and how baggy his clothes looked on his thin frame. How long had it been since this kid had eaten?

"Hey! Are you alright?" She got right up next to him, gasping as she looked at him, not only could she truly see just how thin he was, but she could also see his life force. He was on the edge! This was really not good. She had to get him to the infirmary before anything else.

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