Astana's arrival

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Astana's arrival

Post  Astana on Tue Mar 11, 2014 7:59 pm

Astana had very recently washed up on the beach. She was clueless. She did not know where she was or what she was doing at this place. She was nervous and slightly angry. One minute she had been relaxing and then hr life just got destroyed. Exhausted and confused, she headed for the most important looking building hoping to find help.

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Re: Astana's arrival

Post  Catryn Greyling on Sat Apr 05, 2014 10:42 pm

Cat sighed, walking out of the Big House with her hands in her pockets. She had been training in the arena a short while after curfew last night.While she was fortunate enough to have evaded the harpies again, she was not fortunate enough to escape any attention at all. She didn't know who had ratted her out, but Chiron had found out and called her to the Big House to encourage her to get her sleep and save the dummy-shooting for daylight hours.
     Perhaps he was right. But she was still bummed.
     She liked being out and about in the semi-darkness, with the setting (or rising) sun throwing out colors that blended together in an amazing display of... well, colors. More than that, though, her half-siblings... alleged half-siblings (she still insisted on refusing to accept that she shared the same father with all those people, even if some of them were kinda-maybe-only-a-little-bit cool)... had told her that they were stronger in sunlight. That rubbed her the wrong way, somehow...
     She thought it over. She remembered that time, back when she had just begun training later at night, when she had encountered Daquiri in the arena. Did your daddy give you those magic shooting powers? She resented that, knowing as well as the redhead that there was no way she could've pulled off the move that she did with so little training, unless her father had intervened. She didn't want to only be good at archery because her dad was Apollo. Sure, she understood how parents passed down their traits and talents to their kids, found it rather cool, but it was different when gods were involved.
     It wasn't... it just wasn't natural. It was not the same thing when the genes were freaking magical.
     Most of her siblings, it seemed, were perfectly fine with being stronger in sunlight, and subsequently weaker without it. Most of her sibl - alleged half-siblings, she reminded herself - loved knowing they had that extra minor boost of energy. But she didn't.
     So, she let her arrows fly at her weakest. She ran tiring laps around the arena at her weakest. She did her absolute best and improved herself when she was at her weakest. And she was proud.
     Though, it seemed as if she wouldn't have the privilege of doing that anymore. And she was rather disappointed at herself for not seeing this coming.

     She came to a stop at the porch railing, finding an unfamiliar girl with shoulder-length black hair and pale skin walking towards her. She wasn't wearing a camp shirt, and as she approached, she saw that the girl had no bead necklace either. She had arrived this fall, then. The girl was also noticeably shorter than Cat, and appeared to be on the nervous side. She seemed a little angry as well, but perhaps that was just an effect of her eyes, which were the trademark storm gray of the goddess Athena's children.
     "Hello," she said, deciding it would be rude not to greet her.
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