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Avalon Markandya

Post  Avalon Markandya on Wed Mar 26, 2014 2:52 pm

Name: Avalon Markandya

Age: 13

God Parent: Khione or Chione (I've seen it spelled both ways)

Mortal Family: Father-Jonathan Markandya (deceased), Stepmother- Gwen Markandya (deceased), Half brother (dad's side)-Arthur Markandya (deceased)

Years in Camp: None

History: When Avalon was just a little girl, she always knew she was different. She was incredibly sensitive to heat and spent most of her time inside. When she was just a little girl she was labeled "freak" "weirdo" and "ice girl". The last one due to the fact that her skin was always as cold as ice even during the warmest summer days. The only person that loved her for who she was was her father. He could see through the mist and protected her to the best of his ability. Her stepmother and half brother did the exact opposite of that, and did their best to make her life miserable. One freezing cold day, they had to take Arthur to the doctors office. There was a heavy blizzard, which was strange because it was February and they didn't even get blizzards during the coldest of winters. After many hours, they never came back. She tried calling them, but there was no answer. She had fallen asleep on the couch when she finally heard the doorknob jiggle and someone softly knocking. Relieved, she unlocked the door and swung it open. Standing in front of her was a cruel-looking woman, with a voice as cold as the blizzard outside. She claimed to be her mother, and presented to her a dagger made of silver. The woman explained who she was and told her that she would be her greatest weapon. Avalon was so terrified of the woman, she ran away. Just standing next to her supposed mother filled her with dread. She had a feeling the blizzard was her fault, and she killed her family. Pretty soon, she ran into a hellhound. She killed it with the dagger her mother gave her after a tough struggle. Eventually, she found Camp Half Blood.

Physical Appearance: Avalon has white hair that goes down to her shoulders. Sidebangs cover her right eye. Her eyebrows and eyes are a noticeable contrast of pitch black. She is 5'0 tall. She has a constant frown on her face and looks as if she were deeply troubled. She doesnt look very strong, and is built for swiftness more than brute force. She usually wears a light sweater with plain jeans, and hand-me-down converse.

Personality: Avalon is rather quiet and cold when she first meets someone, but its doesn't take long before she warms up to them, and is actually a really nice person. She is incredibly awkward when there are multiple people around, and secludes herself. She rarely ever argues with people and leaves whenever there is a confrontation at hand.

Fatal Flaw: Avalon gives out her trust freely. If you show her kindness, her trust is immediately yours as long as you do nothing to break that trust. This could be fatal because she could place her trust with someone who wanted to do her or her friends harm, and that would leave an open gate to do unspeakable damage.

Talents: Avalon is a very talented poet. She can commit anything to memory if she puts her mind to it, and she is a very fast learner.

Weapons: Avalon uses the silver dagger that her mother gave her, despite having a deep dislike for her. She can also make it snow. When she is angry she can make a violent blizzard. A downside to this is that she rarely has control when it comes up, and it drains her energy to the point of being unconscious, and even on the brink of death depending on the size of the storm and how long she held it for. She can also freeze her opponents. Currently, this also drains a lot of her energy, but perhaps with time and practice both will come easier to her.

Other: Avalon prides heself in her poetry. She adores old plays such as ones written by Shakespeare. Her interests are very out-of-date as they include Shakespeare, vintage items, older settings like the Medieval times, and mythology.

Avalon Markandya

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Re: Avalon Markandya

Post  GeneralArin on Thu Mar 27, 2014 9:45 pm

Your powers seem a bit too strong for a minor goddess's kid. Choose one power, and you'll have to define specifically what it does.

Weapons need to be celestial bronze.

And perhaps be a bit more specific to where your character lives. Where there's a lot of snow, it usually has the terrible snow storms in February, as far as I'm aware.

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Re: Avalon Markandya

Post  Cerulaen on Fri Mar 28, 2014 1:00 am

I personally am not a fan of the 'freezing other people' thing. I think that gives your character too much of an upper hand, since she could just freeze them, even for a few seconds, and then lop their head off. The blizzards one sounds like a better option, as long as you don't completely overdo it.

As a person who has lived through all the Februaries of my almost-17-years, I can tell you that Mother Nature really likes to throw snow at us that time of year. Unless it was in a Southern state, where it rarely snows at all, or it was in a summer or late spring month in a northern state, snowing during that time of year wouldn't be unusual. Just for realism's sake.

Your Fatal Flaw doesn't appear to link to your personality really at all, so try to connect those two more. The Fatal Flaw is a regular personality trait of your character, but it's taken to the extreme and basically drives the majority of her actions--so think about that.
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Re: Avalon Markandya

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