Matthew Averill (Posting for Ezio)

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Matthew Averill (Posting for Ezio)

Post  Wes on Sat Mar 29, 2014 10:45 pm

Name: Matthew Averill

Age: 13

God Parent: Pistis, goddess of trust

Mortal Family: John Averill

Years in Camp: Just a few months (about 3)

History: Matthew was born into a not-so-good family. His family we his father, a drunkard, and his mother apparently abandoned him at birth. And for his entire life, he anted when people broke his trust. His "friends" who went to the various schools he had been to. They had all lied go hi in one way or another. He never lied. He always wanted to tell the truth to anyone who wanted it and spoke his mind. His father always told him that his mother abandoned him, but Matthew could tell he was almost lying. But when he got to camp, after running away from his father when he was 12, he discovered that his father had almost partly lying. All go parents had to leave eventually. His mother had abandoned him reluctantly, because his father pretended to be a good man, but then he turned out to be what he is today- a lazy bum. So-being the goddess of trust-she left him in disgust. Matthew found this all out from Chiron, who was told to tell Matthew this when he got to camp by the goddess of trust herself. But when he got to camp, he had no idea there would be liars there too.

Physical Appearance: it won't let me post the link so- blue-gray eyes, and light blond hair. He wears light clothes all the time, and is find of blue jeans. He is 5'2" and wears glasses. And he is slightly muscular.

Personality: At least 4 sentences. Be sure to include details! Remember, you're describing a person. Try and tell how your character reacts to people and situations. This does not include facts like how your character likes pizza.

Fatal Flaw: Idk what to call it, but he speaks his mind. This could be horrible for him, because it gets him into bad situations with anyone-campers, deities, monsters, etc.

Talents: is this a power?- can tell if anyone is lying, archery, building airplane models, writing

Weapons: Wooden bow staff with hidden celestial bronze blade inside that pops out when taken off its strap on his back. Celestial bronze dagger, about 6 inches long

Other: Anything else about your character of note. If it's that important to you, this is where you put that your character likes pizza.


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Re: Matthew Averill (Posting for Ezio)

Post on Sun Mar 30, 2014 8:51 am

Thank you Wes. (For all you Admins/Approvers/Etc. Wes posted for me, I couldn't post. This is my charrie)

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