The Final Masterpiece

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The Final Masterpiece

Post  Marita Black on Tue Apr 29, 2014 11:57 pm

Alex hadn't technically gotten permission to leave camp. But she needed to feel free. It had been 1 yr and 3 months since she had first came to camp half-blood. She hasn't left since. But now she walked along a road, going into Brooklyn. She had walked a mile before finding a bus stop and then used some of the mortal cash she had left from a pickpocket a few months back and decided to spend in on bus fare. As she climbed off the bus, her backpack over her leather jacket and a knife strapped to her thigh (which thankfully no one seemed to notice because of the mist) and walked a block to an abandoned warehouse. She went around back to where the dumpsters were kept. She walked by a couple homeless people, but they didn't give her a second glance. She climbed up onto the dumpster and jumped up and grabbed the fire escape. Pulling herself up she climbed up a flight. Finding the window that she used to climb through she jumped through. She was in the office on the second floor overlooking the warehouse. Her tag "ALEXBLAC" was graffitied on the wall. She ran her finger across it. In the corner of the office was a bag full of protein bars and energy drinks. There were aerosol cans of every color in a cardboard box underneath the abandoned broken desk. There were a couple blankets on the sleeping bag and a pillow pet resting on the very top neatly folded. A picture of her mom, slightly burned around the edges, was tapped up on the wall next to the sleeping bag. Alex brushed a tear from her eye and scowled. Why had she come someplace that would make her homesick? she thought. There was some masking tape on the floor and about ten unused cans still there. Chances were they wouldn't work well from being in a room with an open window all winter but it didn't matter. She grabbed them. Dropping her back pack next to her sleeping bag and dumping out her old backpack with the energy drinks she refilled it with paint cans. She slung it over both shoulders and walked through the door way. The stairs to the floor of the warehouse were gone but it didn't take long for Alex to figure out how to get down. She saw a fallen beam that stretched from the second floor about half way down onto a broken machine. From the machine there were a couple metal tanks, that looked like somebody had dumped unsure of what else to do with them. She grabbed onto the beam with both hands and swung down 8 feet onto the machine. From there she was still ten feet up so she jumped onto the tank. She almost fell but at the last second she tucked her head down braced both legs than extended absorbing the shock and propelling the momentum upwards so she wouldn't hurt her legs. From there she jumped down the last five feet rolling to break the fall. (probably unnecessarily, but old habits die hard.)
She looked up at the walls. They were covered with her art. Of monsters that had attacked her, friends that had either been killed or had abandoned her, her tag as a signature under each of her better ones. There were stencils as well as freestyle, bombs as well as tags. But today she was going to create the masterpiece.
She carried with her a notebook. Inside the notebook was a sketch of the Phoenix who had murdered her mother and who's leathery skin was now covering her arms and back. Angrily she dropped the back pack and took of the jacket. She studied the red color of it. She was going to need more supplies.

An hour later she returned. It was a risky steal but Hermes must have been a bit of a help with the mist because she didn't get caught. Inside her bag were 15 cans of paint. In her pockets were masking tape, brushes, a bandanna (for the paint fumes) plastic safety goggles, and finally glitter. Alex hadn't experimented with glitter yet, but her masterpiece was going to require it.
An old ladder was propped against the wall. She climbed up it and started spraying a couple guide lines. She than created the outline of the creature. It took her 36 minutes and 28 seconds for the first layout. It was about one in the afternoon. She had until tomorrow morning. She slid the ladder over to where the wings were going to be and started spraying on silver. The silver made the wings seem to pop off the wall. She than worked on the tail bringing out the feathers by using a brush and a tiny can of black paint she had stashed away. The feathers looked real. Climbing back up the ladder she kept going with the wings. Spraying black, than red, than gold, than red, than a deep purple. She sprayed more red over the purple and a touch of black and gold to create the exact color of her leather jacket. She worked her way up to the head. It was going to be the hardest part. She wanted to catch the exact shade of icy black that it had in its eyes. She pictured its voice in her head. Laughing as it ignited that its scream when she managed to kill it. The eyes were first sprayed silver than purple than black that a touch of white that a glossy black making them look jet black with a reflection of the light from the fire it created. She made flames. Flames coming from the wings, from the head, from it's beak. The fire bird was well on its way. Alex stopped to eat something so she wouldn't grow tired. She drank one of the energy drinks and kept going. She had been working for nine hours non-stop. Resting her arms she leaned against the wall on the opposite side of the building. A shriek screamed in her mind. Her mother had been terrified, she watched her as she was caught in the corner of the room in their house surrounded by flames. The Phoenix was asking her over and over a question in what she discovered was ancient Greek. She never figured out what the question had been but it haunted her every night. She walked back over to the wall and continued with the flames. They stretched out across the wall. A dim light was illuminating the room from a camping lantern Alex had snagged. It was cold. So she put her jacket back on, but creating the art had kept her blood pumping hard so she stayed warm. It was almost two in the morning when Alex was finished. It had taken 13 hours to create it. But the light was so dim that she couldn't see how it would fully look.
She climbed up the stairs and subbed out her jacket for a hoodie and a coat pulled on two more layers of sweat pants over her jeans. She stuck a big piece of wood over the window to keep the wind from blowing in and curled up in her sleeping bag with blankets piled over her. She looked at the picture of her mom. There was a smile on her face. Her sandy blond hair was wavy and her smile lit up her whole face. The ocean was behind her. It was from their trip to Europe. The plane tickets had not been cheap but for some reason the stewardess had gotten it confused and had put them in first class. Alex had asked her mom, but her mom had just raised her finger to her lips. "Your father used to know a man" she had told her. But now she was dead. And Alex's heart ached. She fell asleep her head turned towards the picture that she could no longer see in the dark.

The next morning she woke up to sunlight and a glow of red around her. She yelped thinking that she was on fire and that the Phoenix had come back to kill her when she realized that there was no monster in the room. She walked out onto the platform and saw that the whole warehouse was blazing in red light. The sun had shone through the windows on the east wall and lit up the Phoenix on the west wall. It's wings blazed with what looked like fire. Golden specs of glitter were spread along the walls. Illuminating the building by reflecting sunlight in a million billon little pieces. The only thing on the masterpiece that didn't brilliantly resemble being on flames where the monster's eyes. They showed dark icy anger. They looked so realistically evil that you couldn't help but cower away from the evil. And above the bird written in Ancient Greek was the question. Somehow the words had flown from Alex's spray can onto the wall. The haunting of those words had left them alive in her head and were finally gone. It said: the daughter of Hermes shall be you're ruin. Possibly the one and only prophecy that Alex was ever going to be part of. And because of it she lost her mother. Her home. Her happiness. And had made her wake up screaming almost every night.
At the bottom it was signed "ALECBLAC" and than Alexandra Black daughter of Hermes. Slayer of the Phoenix. Tears streamed down her face. As she looked at the pain that had followed her for so many years painted across the walls. She realized that this would be the fight of her life. And this painting was the only shrine to it she would ever have. She also realized that one day the Phoenix was be back. But she would probably be dead by then. She hopped that if she ever had a child that they would never have to witness the brutality of the monster either.
She stood staring at the warehouse around her. The paintings around her telling her life story and finally the Phoenix. The bird that had destroyed her and caused her to be rebuilt. She took her fire spray paint can and sprayed it into the air letting lose a cry, a fierce, brutal cry filled with the emotions welled up inside of her. And left the building shouldering her old backpack and jacket.
She climbed onto the bus. Her face a mask of the pain and redemption she had just witnessed in herself. And than she sat down and watched the city flash by as she went back to her home. Cabin 11, Camp half-blood.
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