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Sofia Williams (Ready For Admins)

Post  Sofia Williams on Tue May 20, 2014 6:59 pm

Name: Sofia Rene Williams

Age: 15, (Feb 13th Zodiac sign; Aquarius)

God Parent: Athena (Biological Mother)

Mortal Family:

Johnathan Williams (father)
Lillian Craig-Williams (stepmother) ✝
Abigail Williams (half sister) ✝
Lucas Williams (half brother) ✝

Years in Camp: First year

Before Birth: Her father Johnathan moved from the UK to New York to study astromony. He was at least the age of 24 years old, almost finished with his years of college. Johnathan had his eyes on a specific lady. Her name was Margaret. It became clear that soon John fell in love with Margaret whom turned out to be Athena in disguise. She couldn't go around in her natural form and appearance. And of course that was the upbring of Sofia Rene Williams. Sofia was born from Athena's head, and claimed at birth, and then was named "Sofia" the name meaning in Greek "Wisdom". Athena carried her down from Olympus and set her on the foot of Johnathan's doorstep of his apartment, with an golden laced letter telling Jonathan all the answers and all the secrets he wanted to know. Also stating that Sofia is his daughter. Giving information about Camp Half Blood and the dangers Sofia had as she grows up.

Sofia's Childhood Since five years when Athena was there. Sofia had humble beginnings. She enjoyed reading even at a young age. At the age of six years old, Sofia and her father traveled back to London where her father was from. There Johnathan met his second love, Lillian. Lillian treated Sofia like she was her own blood daughter. Lillian and Johnathan had twins one a girl and another a male, Abigail and Lucas. With the twins and her fathers new job, her childhood became quite lonely. Tragedy hit when her two half siblings and her stepmother were killed in an car accident. Her father also drinking and working harder then ever, completely oblivious to his own daughter. Sofia started to take more responsiblity in the house with cooking dinner, doing chores, and other important duties. She kept up on her studies even though a lot of her dyslexia and ADHD distracting her from participation in class she enjoyed getting away from the house.

How she got to camp? At the age of thirteen years old, she started to notice more strangeness around her. Vivid nightmares and more signs of monster came to her house. She knew at least three years back that she was different and pondered on the thought. She always felt like she was being watched by her mother every now and than. Sofia had an monster attack and since she studied some of her mythology she distracted it (since she had no weapon) and ran. She had no safety since she was in the UK. Once she distracted it long enough, she grabbed her things that she really needed and followed where Athena was leading her. Right to the hill and door of Camp Half Blood, taking an airport plane.

Physical Appearance: Sofia has blonde hair and stromy gray eyes. Typical appearance of a child of Athena. Sofia has long straight hair (can appear to be wavy when she doesn't brush through it after a daily shower), bangs that are normally turned to the side of her face. Sofia still has some of her baby face. She has a tannish pale complexion and full lips which tend to be too full for her jawline. She carries many looks from her father and also many from her mother. Sofia is athletic though the fog and cold of the UK didn't help get her out running in the mornings before school she still maintained a very well diet. Before Sofia got to camp the monster had scratched up her lower back quite a bit which left permenent scars. Sofia dresses casually but also remains to have some class to her outfits. She does believe that your true colors appear from the way you dress and often if caught in blouses, leather jackets, and other apparel that make her actually look like the girl she is.

Personality: Sofia has self confidence and will power. She does have her natural warfare strats. She's strong, friendly of course when she wants to be, and loyal to whom ever she works for. Although, Sofia is temperamental and distant from regular emotions. She doesn't concieve through her heart more then they do from her brain. She's logical and knows how to talk people into getting things she wanted, she's not even a daughter of Aphrodite, her ability to do that was cleverness and her wording of her sentences. Sofia believes and says she is wise, and at moments she is very much that "all-knowing" type of girl. But she is only clever and has a long way to go before she achieves goals and dreams she wants and also what Athena wants from her. Sofia around people is another thing. She is the definition of socially awkward when it comes to social activities like proms and other formal dances. She keeps to herself and prefers to be alone. And isn't a people person. She doesn't have a lot of patience and that's when her temper lashes out before her. When angry like that she becomes rather impulses with her words. She soon realizes how rude that was and is scared of even saying sorry. The simple 'sorry' and remorse they'll get is kindness and healing the problem silently. It's something she has to work on.

Fatal Flaw: Of course from her personality self confidence turns into pride. And that quickly turns into Hubris. But Sofia apart from other Athena kids craves power. She was to be a ruler or a leader of something. This often makes her stubborn and hate given orders. She will follow the orders but will be fustrated while doing so. This puts her at risk and in danger sometimes, and others whom are relatives or close friends. People will also get fustrated with her lack of taking orders and maintaining them. Considering her stubborness will get in the way of things. This makes her main flaw ambition the desire of more power even though she has no elemental abilties. She craves leadership.

Talents: Sofia is an artist. When her father took in great depression after the death of her stepmom, brother and sister she often drew portraits of her father and set them on his bed side to comfort him. It was the only way to give him the kindness that he does deserve. She loves water color and other forms of art. She loves creating things which in school helped her create statues with clay. Her father before his depression said, "She has the hands of Leonardo Da Vinci." which could also be a good thing and a bad thing, on how you see it. Of course Sofia wants to create and takes fasination of interior designing. She likes to make rooms look orderly and functional. She studies different cultures even Chinese, Mayan, and other mythology' as well as Greek. That talent helps expand her mind for her.

Weapons: Sofia hates not being able to create her own things, calling them her own is the most important key, and so she has plans of creating her own sword and shield at the moment. She has a substitute Kopis dagger at her side.

Other:  She has a British accent since she lived in the UK a good percentage of her life. Has an obsession with the animals; owls, kangaroos, and tigers. Her favorite food/dessert is apple pie.

I hope this is good! I accept critisism and I'll add anything that I need too.  

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Re: Sofia Williams (Ready For Admins)

Post  Cerulaen on Thu May 22, 2014 11:34 am

Aw, you have little crosses by next to the deceased ones... I didn't notice that the first time.

It mostly looks good, just a few things:

1) You're a bit too old to be a first year, just bring it down a year
2) Where did she get the money for the airplane ticket? That's the main thing I'm wondering. And she would have to have a passport, too...
3) Your Personality section confuses me

Your personality is how you act AROUND people. Half of your app you say she's confident and friendly when she wants to be, etc., but then you say "but around people"... are you saying for the first half that she's friendly to herself? It doesn't quite make sense. It's rather contradictory, especially when you go from her being "friendly but self-confident" to "socially awkward" to "randomly angry" to "all sad and remorse about being angry." Some of these need to be taken out, or else she seems bipolar or something. Since your Fatal Flaw is about her being self-confident, I would focus around that one.

That brings me to your Fatal Flaw--my only concern for that is that you say what her actual flaw is at the end. You mention hubris at the beginning, so that's what I thought it was at first. Please just say outright what your flaw is (and put it in terms of a personality trait), then go on and it explain it after that.

I think that's pretty much it. Main focus: personality.
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