Quinn`s form

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Quinn`s form

Post  Hipsters and bananas on Sun May 25, 2014 3:00 am

Name: Quinn Rendale

Age: 11.

God Parent: Zeus........please? PLEASE?????

Mortal Family: Skylar Rendale (mother, 36 years old)

Years in Camp: just arrived

History: Skylar was a weather forecaster when she met the king of the gods. She was looking out at the dark and cloudy sky when she heard a voice behind her. "Stunning, how the weather moves. It never ceases to amaze me."
Skylar turned around to see a tall man with a dark beard. His steel grey eyes was the exact color of the clouds outside. She caught her breath. He was quite attractive. "My name is Zeus." He said.
It started as a very common conversation. He was a newspaper journalist, he said. Skylar taught him the basics of weather forecasting. They began dating, ignoring Skylar's parents' protests. After a few months, Zeus told Skylar the truth about himself.
Skylar was so shocked, she didn't speak for the rest of the day. However, she accepted it and kept the secret. But then, Skylar found out she was pregnant. She was twenty three years old. Zeus looked pained when she told him. He told her he had to go overseas for a long time. He might not be able to see his child grow up. Skylar was disappointed. The day he left was a thunderstorm. She saw the plane take off, and drove home crying. The plane was never seen again.
Quinn has lived with her mother her whole life. She had some times when she absolutely despised her mother, but she knew her mother supported her and they loved each other. Because of her nature to say exactly what she thinks, she didn`t have that many friends. She was kicked out of three schools because of that as well. Once because she had talked back to the teacher too many times, once because she punched a bully in order to protect a friend (she still thinks that`s unfair) and once because she got into a fight with a group of guys. She had a vague feeling something wasn't right with that group or some of the people in that neighborhood- she swore one of them tried to scratch her with clawed hands. She rad punched the leader in the face before running into an empty classroom and locking herself in, thus making her look more guiltier than she already was. Besides, the young woman next door had flaming hair. It was a wonder her house never went on fire. The only good grade she gets is debating, and that was the reason why she was even able to go to the school she was currently going to. One day, when she was walking to history class, she saw the teacher walk up to her. "Miss Rendale may I talk to you?" The teacher asked. She had a strange accent, but Quinn was already used to it. "Yes ma`am." She answered, and followed her to an empty classroom. As Quinn ssat down in a chair, the teacher shut the door and locked it with a loud click. Quinn`s head snapped around. "Why did you lock the door?" She demanded. The teacher smiled, showing her fang - wait, fangs? "We have been waiting for you, demigod." the history teacher hissed, her eyes glowing red. Quinn laughed sarcastically. "Demigod? Are you crazy?" Quinn yelled, jumping up. the teacher snarled, and tried to lunge at Quinn. She ducked, and backed up against a wall, bewildered and terrified. Then, she heard a BANG and a whistling sound. The teacher stiffened. A knife was protruding out of her chest. The teacher dissolved into powder with an ear splitting screech. Out of the space where the door used to be, a girl and a boy stepped out. The boy, she recognized as a classmate. He had furry legs. "Wha-am I dreaming?" Quinn muttered. The girl sighed "no. Now we need to go, before the others come and try to kill us. You`re lucky Markus saw you go in here and reported to camp. Otherwise, you would have been dead. Come on, we need to go." "Where...?! Who are you?" Quinn demanded. The girl exchanged glances with Markus. "A place called Camp Half Blood. I'm a camper there. My name is Sarah. Markus sensed you were powerful, and I was sent here to check you out. " Quinn fainted.
Next thing she knew, she was being carried with incredible speed. From the corner of her eye she saw a gigantic figure loom in the distance, roaring with fury. Markus noticed her wake up, and set her down on her own feet. "Run to the hill and get help! NOW!" he yelled. Quinn followed his order, shaking. She began climbing the hill when she heard Sarah scream. Quinn turned. She saw the girl in the monster`s clutches, twisting and trying to escape. The monster had only one eye. Markus was fruitlessly hitting the Cyclopes with his club. Quinn picked up a sharp looking rock, and threw it at the monster as hard as she could. She was aiming for the monster`s hand, but it went a bit higher and hit the monster straight in the eye. The monster roared in surprise, releasing Sarah, who safely rolled onto the pavement. By this time the noise had attracted more adolecents in orange tshirts, who ran to kill the beast. Quinn sank to the ground, utterly shocked and not knowing what the heck was happening to her.

Physical Appearance: Quinn has long and glossy black hair, with piercing blue eyes. She is pale skinned, and has freckles on her nose and upper cheeks. Her nose is flat but slender, and she is on the shorter side (5`3). She is built like a marathon runner or a dancer.

Personality: Quinn is very loyal and protective. She is the kind of person who you would DEFINITELY not want to piss off. She is stubborn and strong willed, but she is a natural leader and is sensible. She is trustworthy and is a perfectionist.

Fatal Flaw: The factor that Quinn is very instinctive. She does things without thinking all the way through. It could destroy her, she can walk straight into a trap or her plan could utterly fail because the forgot to consider some things.

Talents: Quinn can dance. She is flexible and is fast at running and climbing things.

Weapons: A long and thin celestial bronze sword that turns into a keychain

Other: Quinn loves ice cream. She puts ice cream first in her priorities.

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Re: Quinn`s form

Post  Cerulaen on Mon May 26, 2014 3:24 pm

Well, while we decide whether or not you can be a child of Zeus, I will say this:

I think the main thing I want to address is your history. I'd like to hear about a bit more that happened besides her school life--maybe her relationship with her mom, how her mother and Zeus met, any other relationships with people, etc. If you really want Zeus, you're going to have to go over and above.

Second thing about the history is the random girl with the satyr. Is she supposed to be another demigod he discovered? Or someone from camp you wanted to work in there, that went along to help the satyr since he sensed she was powerful and whatnot?

Speaking of being powerful--if she's a child of Zeus, why has she never run across any monsters before? I see she's 11, so she might not have necessarily fought any, but she probably saw some suspicious whatnots throughout her life.
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