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Juliet Smith

Post  Neokles on Fri Jul 18, 2014 6:07 pm

Name- Juliet Neo Smith

Age- 14

Godly Parent- Hebe~ Goddess of Youth

Mortal Family- Father- James Smith / Stepmother- Louise Smith-Dane / Stepsister- Clara Smith-Dane

Years at Camp- 2 years, arrived when she was 12. Shes a year rounder

History- Hebe and James met at a baseball game. Up until he was 30, James was a pitcher. This current game he was 25. Hebe had just decided to have a fun afternoon and had just happened to be at one of James's games. James had been looking over the crowd when he spotted Hebe. Of course he spotted her out of all the girls in that crowd. He could almost feel the youthful vibe coming off of her. After he finished his game he wiped the sweat off his forehead and jogged up to meet her. Hebe had gladly started talking to James. They hit it off and James had asked her on a date after he saw her at his game the following week. They dated for around 3 months and got into bed after on of their dates. Hebe told him she was pregnant as soon as she found out. She didn't tell him of her being a goddess yet. 9 months later, on April 23d, Juliet was born. Her name actually means youthful. A few hours after she was born, Hebe told James the truth. James hadn't believed her at first but she had shown how she could change her looks and age with just a thought. She told James where she would have to go when she was 12. He had accepted and looked at her once more before she had flashed away. Juliet didn't have much troubles in school. However she was often teased for being a little ditzy. She always made A's or B's. James met Louise when Juliet was 10. She loved her new little sister and loved her step mother. They loved her right back. However that changed when she turned 12 and a monster had crashed Clara's 7th birthday party. James had packed Juliets stuff and drove her to the camp Hebe told him of. Once they were there James told her to write him once a month and be a good girl. She had almost started to cry before she turned around to see a man in a wheelchair. She had wiped her eyes and greeted him. The man had introduced himself as Chiron and told her to follow him. She had agreed, not knowing why. a few days after learning she was a demigoddess, her mother claimed her and she was put in the Hebe cabin. She loves it at camp and loves being accepted and in a place she belongs. She still writes her father once a month.

Physical Appearance- Juliet has dark blonde hair that goes to her mid back. She has creamy brown eyes that are show warmth and love. She is tan and doesn't have a blemish on her body other than a birthmark on the back of her neck. She stands at a mere 4'11 and weighs 98 pounds. She loves to wear the colors blue, pink, orange and purple. She loves her camp shirts and will wear one every Wendsday, Friday and Sunday. She likes wearing shorts and converse. She has a dagger sheath that she keeps on both her thighs. She doesn't unless its necessary.

Personality- Juliet is a very caring and kind person. She's the type of person who would start dancing alongside a street performer. She is fun and will always want to help with anything. She likes to joke around with her friends and is pretty laid back. Jogging with her friends is one of those things that sticks to a person. She will often start daydreaming if she thinks something is to boring for her. She is a bit of a ditz.

Fatal Flaw-  Her fatal flaw would have to be is that she can be easily manipulated. If someone were to say its for the good, she would go with them. But if she believes in something it can be prevented. But it can be broken if they pull the right strings.

Talents-  Juliet is very good with her daggers. She can handle a bow very well. She can cause someone to think like a child for a few minutes to a few hours, it depends on how much power she uses. If she has a wound that could cause her death, she can take form of a 6 year old to use less energy. She is good with younger kids as well.

Weapons- She has a regular fighting bow thats purple. She usually has a quiver of 25 arrows. The bows mist form is of a bracelet. Her daggers are just regular old daggers that has her name etched in the leather grip, done by her when she was bored one day. They are kept under her shorts in their sheaths. But when out in combat, they look like pocket knives to mortals.

Other- Juliet loves to sing and dance. She loves art and training. She will get up at around 6 AM every morning so she can train when its chilly outside.

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Re: Juliet Smith

Post  Cerulaen on Sat Jul 19, 2014 1:55 pm

I am actually quite impressed with this app. It's very detailed and doesn't need much fixing. Just three things:

1) Your history is good, you just need to add in something about what she's been doing in camp for the past two years.
2) I don't understand the last two sentences of your Fatal Flaw and how they relate to her FF. Try rewording/clarifying so I know what you mean better. I would also tie the FF into the personality more, since I don't think you have much past "she's a ditz."
3) For her Talents section, neither the 'making people think like a child' nor the 'turning into a 6-year-old when she has a fatal wound' make sense. I could go into the many reasons why it doesn't, but I won't to save us some time. Just take them out. If you want some kind of Hebe-induced power, I might suggest that she doesn't get tired out as easily as others and will get multiple "second winds" in fights and such, and all-around has more energy than most people.

Fix those things up and you should be good. Just let it be approved by two staff members once you're done! (Please notify us when you've edited it).
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