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Andrew Aggebow

Post  Sauron2000 on Tue Aug 26, 2014 4:15 pm

Full name: Andrew Edmond Aggebow

Age: 13

God parent: Comus, god of festivity and revels.

Mortal family: Miranda Aggebow, his mother. He never met any other family members.

Years in camp: One year.

History: Andrew's mother was originally from scandinavia, but moved to the states when she got Andrew. She was an actor and wanted Andrew to follow in her footsteps. Andrew became an actor at a young age and played in several movies. Untill one day where he was attacked by a cyclops. He escaped the cyclops and his mother drove him to camp half-blood. There he stayed for the summer and returned to his mother the rest of the year. He does sometimes get attacked by monsters, but with the helpful training from the camp he fends them off and lives a pretty normal life. Recently he has turned himself more towards a life in the "greek" world rather than in the "real" world.

Physical appearance: Andrew has bronze-blonde hair with streaks of golden blonde in it and his eyes are blue and deep. He is skinny and tall and surprises many with his agility.

Personality: Andrew is very inteligent and cunning, often described as sly. He makes many promises that he fails to keep. He tends to smile and have a good laugh, but can quickly change his attitude, and can sometimes become dangerous if not monitored by someone with authority. He also has a darker side of his personality. First off; he can't feel remorse, this means he doesn't care if he kills someone. Secondly; he is backstabbing. If he can gain anything by sacrificing an ally, then he will do it.

Fatal flaw: Betrayal. Like said before, he will betray anyone and anything if he can gain anything from it, within some extent (he won't murder his friend over the last slice of pizza).

Talents: Acting, schemes, athletics and acrobatics.

Weapons: A long knife called Deathjester, designed with piercing armor in mind. He has started work on another, more lethal weapon, dubbed the Silent kiss. The silent kiss will work by having a tube strapped under Andrew's wrist, whenever he flicks the wrist the right way, it will let out steam from the tube and throw out a bunch of bronze wires. These wires will cut the arteries of the target, and then return to the tube in one swift motion. It is going to be used on joints in armor, specifically neck-joints.
So far his only working prototype is a one-shot version called The soft kiss, which relies on choking it's victim.
His armor also has subtle spikes and hooks attached to it, which he can use in midair to disarm his opponent.

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Re: Andrew Aggebow

Post  GeneralArin on Wed Aug 27, 2014 6:47 pm

Quick formatting thing: Just leave "One year" in the "Years at camp" and put the other information in your history.

Please explain your fatal flaw, because right now it hardly sounds like a flaw. And it needs to be explained anyway. Also, make sure that it fits into your personality.

Just as a note, more of a semantics thing, swords are specifically designed to "rend flesh". As a rule. Otherwise, its not a real sword and just a prop or a not-slashing weapon. And "more lethal" than a sword is tough to gauge. (You probably should actually explain this weapon. And you should tell how you know you're 'working on it'.)

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