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Shayla Maine

Post  Shay Maine on Thu Sep 25, 2014 2:22 am

Name: Shayla "Shay" Maine

Age: 13

God Parent: Demeter

Mortal Family: Patrick Maine; Father. Sarah Maine; Step-mother. Lindsay Garner; Step-sister. Betty Maine; half-sister.

Years in Camp: This will be her first year.

History: Shayla was born into a poor family. She had what she needed, but that was it. Her father married Sarah when Shay was six. Her step-sister Lindsay was four. Shay was just another face in the crowd at school. She was barely noticed. Her friends were just people she knew that had noticed her. She kept up a small garden at home and drew the flowers that were in her garden. She was claimed at 9, but wasn't in any severe danger until now. So, her dad drove her to Camp and left.

Physical Appearance: Shay has brown hair that's usually left down and hangs to her shoulders or is in two braids. She has emerald green eyes, a button nose, light freckles and a slim face. She is slim and small for her age. Her skin is a nice color, not too dark and not too light. Her nails are usually painted some color.

Personality: Shay is very quiet, rarely talks. When she does, its in a soft voice. She's extremely shy and won't look people in the eye. She can make friends, but they would have to break through her shell. She doesn't really know how to react when people talk to her, so her first reaction is to hide. Either by stepping behind something, crawling under something, or just placing her hands on her face.

Fatal Flaw: Unsure: Shay is constantly second guessing every decision she makes. She can never decide on one thing. This makes her life very hard because she's constantly living in fear that her decision is wrong and will negatively affect everyone. She will constantly be have arguments with herself and this sets her back from growing up because she is unsure about it.

Talents: Shay is amazing at drawing. She can draw practically anything. From flowers to people, from maps to landmarks. She will always be readybto draw.

Weapons: Shay doesn't believe in using weapons, therefore, she has none.

Other: (I couldn't find a powers section) Shay can grow flowers with a flick of her wrist. She can only do one flower at a time. Other plants, not really.

Shay Maine

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Re: Shayla Maine

Post  Lily on Mon Oct 06, 2014 8:51 am

Hi there!
Sorry about the late reply, not a lot of staff members are active these days. Sad
First of all, I think you might need to choose another name for your charatcer. We already have a camper named Shay, so I'd highly recommend choosing a new one, or just going by Shayla.
Also, you know how you stated that she was claimed at 9? Most campers don't get claimed until they arrive at camp. Maybe you could say that she was claimed immediately after her dad drove her to camp.
If you'd like to learn more about the powers of a Demeter kid, and edit in anything that you want, take a look at this.
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Re: Shayla Maine

Post  Shay on Tue Oct 07, 2014 9:39 pm

lol. Razz hello shay 2.0

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Re: Shayla Maine

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