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Post  BunnyLover on Sat Oct 25, 2014 11:26 am

Name.            Piper Robinson
Age.               13
god Parent.     Poseidon
Mortal Family.  (Mom) Lily Robinson    (Dad) Jake Robinson
Years in Camp.  0
History             When my friend told me i was a Demi god I didn't believe her. But when i started seeing monsters i of couse decided i should go to the half blood camp. The journey was really freaky. We couldn't stop and we never felt safe. When my friend got hungry and dehydrated we had to stop. While i was fixing the tent i heard a scream. And when i looked behind there was a cyclops coming towards my friend. It was too late.

Personality.   Smart, Brave, kind, Cute, Stern

Fatal Flaw. ?
Talents. Holding my breath underwater for a long time
Weapons. A sharp sword that turns into a Heart necklace

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Re: Application

Post  GeneralArin on Sun Oct 26, 2014 8:41 pm

"Fatal Flaw: It's a single personality shortcoming. Don't just tell what it is, but describe it more. Basically, tell how it could ruin your character. This means, for those who won't read further down, it must be related to your character's personality (Not extreme likes, dislikes, or phobias) and you need to write more than 'it could be bad'. "

"The Fatal flaw is not only the shortcoming, but the potential consequences that will result. That's what makes the flaw "Fatal".

For example, for my character Jake, he's incredibly stubborn. Yah, that's a flaw. Many people are stubborn. But Jake, he won't back down from something easily after he put his mind to it. This means that if he's promised to protect someone, he's going to do it in any way even literally taking a bullet for them. To a moderately lesser extreme, he also compulsively works on his projects, going days without eating or sleeping... and to Wes's distaste- showering.

So if you're having trouble coming up with one in the first place, take your character's personality. Find the biggest flaw they have. (And you should have one...) If you can't find it, take their personality and stretch it to its logical extreme.

Take someone who is determined and committed. Stretch it and soon they become unable to move on, adjust to changes,  or simply too stubborn like Jake up there.

Take someone who is bold and self-confident. Stretch it and it becomes hubris: extreme pride. That usually leads to calling out the gods... and we all know that only Percy can get away with that.

Or on the other hand, take someone who's reserved or easy-going. Stretch that and you find someone who'd probably *miss* the call to action.

So think about it, and try and get something related to your personality. "

Your History should tell about your general home life and anything notable that happened before this point. It should also be written in third person.

Personality needs to be sentences, not a list. This is a person, not a paper doll.

Holding your breath underwater is not a talent when you can literally breathe underwater.
Swords are typically sharp.

And if you want Poseidon, you really need to hit this one out of the park. If you want to just get by with the minimum, then choose a non-Big Three parent.

And you're missing the "Appearance" section.

"Oh.. you're one of *those* guys. You don't care if someone beats the crap out of *you*, but if someone threatens to lay a finger on a family member you totally freak out."

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