Néo Daímo̱n Fengári

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Néo Daímo̱n Fengári

Post  Silentsong23 on Sat Nov 08, 2014 2:44 pm

Name: Néo Daímo̱n Fengári

Age: 11

God parent: Hephaestus

Mortal family: Nadi Daímo̱n Fengári (mother-deceased) Lydia Daímo̱n Fengári (sister-deceased

Years in camp: 2

History before camp: From he was six months, he was constantly pursued by monsters. The monsters didn't attack him, they simply observed him and would sometimes approach him. But when he was one year old, a furie tried to kill him. The furie was about to stabb him with a dagger, when he touched her hand and she started burning. His parents found him in the cribb with a heap of ashes on the floor. Several other attempts of his life was made, but all ended in the same way. When he was four years old, he sat in the living room playing with his lego bricks, creating many magnificent things with them, when a hellhound attacked. His mother was sleeping on the couch and his older sister was in her room. In fear and shock his powers activated and the house started burning. The hellhound and his family was killed in the fire and the only thing Neo could do, was watch and listen as they burned. Neo was scratchee on the cheek by the hellhound and still has a scar. After that he was put through many foster homes, but he didn't last very long in any of them. He became a problem child and didn't fit in anywhere. No one wanted to be with him and he was constantly alone. Nor did he do any good at school. As all other demigods he had ADHD and dyslexi (I don't know how you spell it). The only thing he was good at was in the classes were they invented things. He excelled at that and got top grades. When he seven he had another accident with his powers. It had been on the bus on the way to one of the local museums, when he was attacked by another furie. His powers activated again and the bus was set ablaze. All the children was killed as well as the furie. Neo ran away after that and spent many hears on the run from monsters. During this time he learned how to pickpocket as well as how to fight. One time he was outside New Mexico and a hellhound attacked him. He got in a fight and both his arms was badly scratched. His powers activated and he caused a forest fire. He came to camp at the age of nine years old after a satyr had found him.

History in camp: During Neo`s two years at camp half-blood not much has happened. He, as all other new comers, was placed in the Hermes-cabin. There he stayed for about two weeks before he was claimed by Hephaestus during dinner. He moved into the Hephaestus-cabin and immediatly started practicing his crafting and inventing skill. Since he was and is so young, he wasn`t sent on any missions and the only thing he has done the past years is train. He has participated in many capture the flag games and has won a total of five times. Most of the time he spends in the forge or in the art pavilion. Through the years, he got to know many people, but he didn`t become friends with anyone. He rarely left his cabin or talked to anyone, so most people don`t know who he is.

Physical Appearance: Neo is very short for his age, only 133 cm and very thin. But he is also rather muscular from working in the forge. His hair is a dark brown, almost black and medium lenght. It reaches to his shoulders and is a bit spiky.  His eyes are a dark brown, almosy black, same as his hair. His skin is light and he has a scar on his left cheek and several wounds on both his arms. Most of the time he wears the standard CHB-Shirt, black pants and normal brown sneakers. But sometimes he might dress up in a white bluse, brown pants and black sneakers. He always wears a brown and white cap with a pair of green goggles. He is never seen without them. Outside of camp he wears a white bluse, brown pants and black sneakers. But depending on the mission, he might also were black camoflauge clothes. But since he is so young he rarely leaves camp. His hands are always bandaged up.

Personality: Neo is a very calm and quiet boy, he rarely talks and prefers to keep to himself most of the time. He doesn't open up to people easily, but once you have gotten to know him he can be the most sweetest and kindest boy you have ever met. This is because he is scared of losing those he cares about or possibly hurting them. Like all children of Hephaestus he is intelligent and good at crafting and creating things. He also has a good sense of humor. With good reflexes and sharp senses, it's nearly impossible to keep secrets from Neo and he is very good at gathering information. Neo is rather secretive about his past and avoids talking about it as much as possible. He tends to hold grudges and doesn't forgive easily. He is often sad and lonely as he feels that no one truly understands him, but it doesn't show. He blames himself for something he did in the past and at times he will become very angry. Serious and understanding, he is very intuitive and you rarely have to explain anything to him. Around people, he rarely talks and when he does it`s only short sentences or just a few words. Around people he trust, he will talk much more, but still be a bit quiet and reserved.

Fatal flaw: his fatal flaw is his fear of getting to attached to others and the fear of his own powers. In battle this can be used against by taunting him about it or threaten to reveal the secret. By doing this, he will stop fighting in fear of others finding out. Potential consequences are that he might run away from a fight or surrender. Other conequences are that he will become extremely angry and might do something rash or reckless.

Talents: master swordwielder, fast, good strategist, expert craftsman and inventor, very resilient, accurate. He is good at creating things and very good with a sword. He is fast in battle and a good strategist, as well as very resilient and not easy to hit out. He is also very accurate with his weapons.

Weapons: he uses a small bronze dagger and a katana with a chain attached to it. He can throw the chain and drag his opponents towards him.

Other: he likes working in the forge, the colors red, blue and purple, watermelons (he is crazy after them), relaxing by the campfire, cats, skygazing and stargazing (mostly alone), tea, watching the moon and being alone
Dislikes: dogs, the color yellow, coffee, annoying people, jokes and silly games, being around to many people, being called a kid, heights, peanutbutter (he can't stand it), the Ares-kids (and Ares himself), being underestimated
Secrets: he has the ability of pyrokinesis and he killled his family by accident when he used his powers. He hates and resents himself for what he did. He never uses the power, not even in emergencies.

(If I can`t have the power it`s okay, I`ll just edit the form. :p)

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Re: Néo Daímo̱n Fengári

Post  Axel The Bunny on Sat Nov 08, 2014 4:20 pm

your history feels a bit too canon to me, I'm fairly sure you can come up with something that seems more original than this. Alot of this resembles canon histories, specifically im seeing resemblances to Leo and percy here.

another thing i want to note is that some of your history is rather contradictory for example "The only thing he was good at was in the classes were they invented things. He excelled at that and got top grades." this sentence makes no sense, he wasn't good at anything but building, yet he got top grades?

Also no Hephaestus fire, as that power is extremely rare and Jake already has it, also Jake had it before Leo was ever written so. Also as a side note, your history feels far to dependant on the power.

I kinda doubt you could become a master swordsman or a good strategist in only 2 years. also for your talents it feels rather Mary Sue to me, i mean nobody can just be good at everything. try to keep it within the bounds of realism please, you can't be good at everything.

your personality feels more dragged out to me, all im getting is quiet and reserved, as well as serious and understanding. How does he react to situations? would he charge a monster on sight, or sit back and plan? Is he reckless and impulsive or cold and calculating? the personality is basically how he interacts with people and how he reacts to situations. you have the first part down, but I'd like you to expand that a little.

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