Isabelle “Belle” McLaren

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Isabelle “Belle” McLaren

Post  becca1313 on Thu Nov 20, 2014 11:26 pm

Name: Isabelle “Belle” McLaren

Age: 14

Godly Parent: Poseidon

Mortal Family:
Claire Morgan McLaren, Mother: 1972-present, nurse anesthetist, enjoys gardening, swimming (former lifeguard), and reading.
Kenneth McLaren, Stepfather: 1970-present, college professor (literary studies), enjoys travelling, quiz shows, and cooking.
Arielle McLaren, Younger Stepsister: 2001-present, student, enjoys science, volley ball, and student council.

Years in Camp: Belle arrived at camp in late August, so… 3 months? 1/4th of a year?

Soon after Belle was born, her mother started dating again, understanding that Poseidon was not able to stay. Claire met Ken when Belle was 2 and Arielle was 1. Ken’s wife had left him after Arielle’s birth, so Claire and Ken had a lot in common. They were married in two years later, and Belle wanted to take her new Dad’s last name. They all lived together in Ann Arbor where Ken taught at the University of Michigan and Claire worked in the U of M hospital.

There were always strange things happening that neither Belle nor Arielle understood, like the fire ants (that actually sprayed fire) that attacked them in their cottage in Traverse City, or the giant serpent that targeted their family’s boat in Lake Erie. No matter how bad it was, the family dealt with it in their own way and lived happily there for fourteen years. It became kind of customary to have these things happen every once and a while, and Belle just thought it was normal.

Belle was the captain of the synchronized swimming team and Arielle held the position of student council president. In June of the past year, while they were on one of their summer trips to Lake Michigan, Belle’s powers revealed themselves. Claire and Ken decided to tell her about her godly parentage and assist her on her travels to Camp Half Blood. They accompanied her as far as Pittsburgh, that’s when the gryphons attacked. Since neither of her parents were too athletic, they decided to try and outwit the gryphons so that Belle could get away. Luckily, her parents walked away from the incident with only a few scratches and two broken fingers. Belle however had a bit more trouble on the way.

At first she ran into the hideous Alaskan Bull Worm, she was forced into some cave for a few nights in southern New York, which was pretty awful due to her claustrophobia. She managed to keep moving on with only a handmade spear (the pointy end goes forward and is for attacking, she found out) and her GAP backpack. She managed to stumble into another group of demigods with a protector, and proceeded to CHB with their help. Since she arrived, Belle has not had much time to figure out the workings of the camp. The other campers respected her and yet she felt like she would not live up to their standards.

Physical Appearance: Belle has waist length, ombré dark brown to auburn hair, often in a messy bun or ponytail. Her preppy/casual attire usually fits her a tad awkwardly due to the fact that she is 5’11” tall, yet she has a strong, curvy build. She has tan skin, a rounder face with petite features, and dark brown, almond shaped eyes. Though she is commonly seen in glasses, Belle with change it up sometimes and wear contacts. Her closet contains a multitude of blue jeans & skirts, paired with graphic tees and cardigans, commonly seen with her trusty pair of black flats.

Personality: Being a leader is very important to Belle, yet she hates to step on anyone’s toes. She is super self-conscious and wants to be sure that no one sees her as pushy or bossy. Belle gets embarrassed really easily and that plays into the self-consciousness too. If she sees someone wanting to lead, she will almost always defer to them. However, when she does step forward and take charge, she is normally respected and well liked. Despite her wanting to lead, she is extremely shy. The idea of talking to new people is completely terrifying. When in new situations, her default reaction is to stay quiet and think about her next move. She is excellent at keeping her cool in times of pressure and stress, exercising her leadership traits. Other than being a leader and being shy, she loves to make puns and corny jokes. Other terms that might describe her are compassionate, intelligent, and goofy.

Fatal Flaw: Belle’s fatal flaw is her indecisive nature. She is always hesitant to make a decision regarding herself. She will always put others before herself, and asks friends to help make her own decisions. This could really hurt her in one on one battles, when she has no one to lead but herself. Her delay in deciding what to do (morally right versus what needs to be done) may just be what causes her downfall, and ultimately her demise.

Talents: Belle has many talents, but she pretty modest, so she doesn’t exactly like to show them off. She loves to dance and act. Swimming is obviously second nature to her, so while she excels at swimming, her passion for dance led her to participate in synchronized swimming instead of races. Drawing is another of her strong suits, but physical sports… well she’ll just stay home and watch Netflix. She bruises easily and gets pretty claustrophobic.

Weapons: Belle tends to prefer a spear, with a button activated trident form, Celestial bronze of course.

Other: Since you asked, of COURSE Belle loves pizza, despite her strange tomato allergy (obviously pizza is worth the stomach ache). She also hates seafood (duh, Poseidon) and loves horseback riding, but has an issue with how some institutes treat their horses. You gotta look out for those little guys. Belle is disgusted by math and detests chemistry, but succeeds in English and history. Like other demigods, she was born with an extra trait that might seem like a burden for mortal children, but helps demigods in battle. Belle has ADHD, which helps her focus on multiple situations in battle.

(Yo guys, this is Ceru. This is my BFF in RL, so be nice to her. ~ Ceru)


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Re: Isabelle “Belle” McLaren

Post  Axel The Bunny on Fri Nov 21, 2014 12:34 am

lol Ceru should know by now I'm incapable of being nice xP Anyways

First off Poseidon is offlimits, as we already have our quota for it filled, so you'll need to change godly parents.

Also how did she survive these multiple monster attacks growing up? You mentioned several incidents with monsters but never actually said how she got away alive.

Your personality seems a little contradictory to me, also can you expand on it a bit? How does she react to things? Will she charge in without thinking, or sit back and plan it out? Another thing I noticed is you mention her being well liked and respected. I'd recommend leaving out anything that may rely on other characters opinions or actions.
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