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Aurora Smith

Post  AuroraSmith on Tue Dec 09, 2014 8:25 am

Name: Aurora-Jane Smith (or Aurora or Rory)

Age: 13

God Parent: Hermes.

Mortal Family:  Jane Michaels (Mother, imprisoned, alive)  Steven Michaels (deceased, stepfather) Lilly Smith (Grandmother, alive, guardian) Lacey Michaels (half sister) Eric Michaels (deceased, stepbrother)

Years in Camp: 2 months

History: Aurora-Jane was born in Nashville; had been raised to believe her Father had left her and her Mother, and left her a yellow ring. When she was five her Mother and her moved to Manhattan to be closer to her Grandmother. Aurora was content in her tiny apartment with her small family, but she was overjoyed when she was seven and her mom met Steven Michaels and fell in love. They got married, had two children, Lacey and Eric, and moved into a large townhouse in Long Island. Her heart was bursting with joy until she was ten, when a tragedy happened. Her Stepfather and Eric died in a car crash. Mother was driven to near insanity, robbing banks until she was given life in prison. Lacey was devastated, so was Aurora, but she was careful not to show it. She began to shoplift in private, and almost never got caught.She kept her bright smile and kept moving on. Aurora and Lacey lived with their Grandmother. Aurora went to a public middle school, and met her best friends, Willie and Spencer. One day, when she was thirteen, Aurora was attacked by hellhounds. In a show of desperation, she threw her ring at the hellhound. The ring became a bronze knife, and the hellhound went to Tartarus. Willie revealed himself to be a satyr, and took her to Camp Half-Blood, and sadly had to leave Spencer.

Physical Appearance: Aurora has wild curly blonde hair pulled into a ponytail. Her eyes are emerald green, and always staring out into space. Her face is scattered with freckles and pimples. She loves her blue hoodie, a present from her Mom, and tattered, ripped blue jeans.

Personality: Aurora has a good sense of humor. When she meets a new person  she warms up to the instantly. It seems like she deals with  grief pretty well, and always says it's better to laugh than cry, but secretly does her wailing in private. Aurora pretends to be an airhead, but she knows a lot more than she lets on, and got pretty good grades when she used to go to school. Aurora seems nice, but she's usually the one stealing someone's wallet. Rory takes things often, and thinks nearly nothing of it. She also can get offended easily, and loves ticks!

Fatal Flaw: Aurora is over confident. She will charge strait into an army of Giants and probably get herself killed.

Talents: Aurora is really agile and good at climbing and throwing things.

Weapons: Bronze Knife from Hermes.

Other:  Aurora loves animals, and had ADHD.


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Re: Aurora Smith

Post  Axel The Bunny on Thu Dec 11, 2014 4:20 pm

First why did her mom rob banks? and how did she get away with multiple robberies, a bank robbery carries a lot of variables. There are security cameras, dye packs, tracking devices (which are in fact used by banks for this purpose.) not to mention armed security, and silent alarms. All of these measures have been in place for over 15 years, and the mother would most likely have been caught. The sentence would likely be up to 10 years give or take, unless somebody was hurt or killed. As it would count as a murder charge if somebody was killed during the robbery, and so could be a sentence of 25 to life. If you want to throw your charrie's mom in prison, try to think realistically about it.

I'm still not seeing why grief=armed robbery in this case either. usually crimes of insanity are assault or murder, even a kleptomaniac wouldn't be driven to armed robbery, since kleptos are usually more likely to steal stealthily

Also your personality doesn't tell me much about your character, this is not where you put likes or dislikes. This is about who your character is as a person, what makes them themselves. Are you likely to sit back and plan or charge in and improvise? Are they humble or do they let things go to their head? This is where you give us aan idea of what this person is like as a person.

Your fatal flaw needs alot of expansion and needs to connect with your personality. Your example is also not necessarily the best, there is overconfidence and stupidity. And charging an army of any kind with a dagger as your primary weapon definitely falls under stupid.

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