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Cat Wakefield

Post  Cat Wakefield on Sun Dec 21, 2014 6:48 pm

Name: Catelyn (Cat) Wakefield

Age: 13

God Parent: Morpheus

Mortal Family: mother named Rose

Years in Camp: two

History: Cat grew up living in a small, cramped apartment with her mother.  Tensions ran high, and Cat always resented her mother for never talking about her father.  Cat's abilities first emerged around the age of 9, when she began to dream the same dreams as her friends.  She slept less and less at night, trying to avoid dreaming.  Eventually she couldn't handle being questioned further and ran away from home, quickly found and brought to Camp Half Blood.  About a month after her arrival, Cat was claimed as a daughter of Morpheus.  She still fears her abilities, however.

Physical Appearance: Cat has long, wavy dark brown hair with a reddish tint and cool blue eyes.   She is on the shorter side, and constantly looks tired and stressed.

Personality: Cat is thoughtful,  quiet, and prefers to observe rather than participate.  She is clever, witty, and sometimes comes across as cold and mean.  She distrusts others easily but once you befriend her, you'll have a friend for life.  She is incredibly stubborn and always wants to have the last word.

Fatal Flaw: Cat is extremely distrustful, and could possibly not trust someone in a life or death situation.

Talents: Because her father is Morpheus, Cat can reach into the dreams of others and communicate within dreams.  She also is skilled at planning and enjoys painting.

Weapons: Just a celestial bronze knife.  She prefers to use her mind and strategize rather than actually fight.

Other: Total insomniac- Cat only gets about two or three hours of sleep a night.
Cat Wakefield

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Re: Cat Wakefield

Post  Cerulaen on Mon Dec 22, 2014 11:40 pm

Hello there. When do I ever greet people on my critiques.

Er, anyway. Fiiiirst order of business…Unfortunately we have an active member and moderator here that already has a character that goes by the name of Cat, so I’m afraid you’ll have to change the name for clarification in RP’s sake. Sorry about that, I know that’s a pain.

For the history, it needs to be a bit more detailed. The relationship between your character and her mother is a bit sketchy…I imagine it would’ve taken until she was older for her to start realizing the subject of her father was being purposefully avoided, and I’d like to know why she found it so extremely important to know about a father that wasn’t there and wasn’t coming back enough to hate her mother for it. Also, what was her mom’s side of the relationship? Was she constantly trying to reach out to her daughter despite the resentment, or did she ignore her, or what? To connect this to the fatal flaw for a second, I’d basically like to know where your character’s extreme distrust came from. What throughout her childhood caused her to become so distrustful? While each person’s personality is partially just what their born with, another big part of it is how their childhood shapes them, so that needs to come into context.
Then to continue with the history, I’d like to know why sharing her friends dreams bothered her so much. Personally, I’d think that’d be pretty cool. Also, how would other people know she was dreaming the same thing as them? I’m not really seeing where her being questioned about any of it would come in, nor why that would make her run away unless something got really serious. I just don’t particularly see what she has to fear about her abilities. Also, you mention she’s been at camp for two years, so just give a bit of information about what she’s been doing in those years.

The physical appearance section technically has a 4-sentence minimum requirement, so if you could think of anything else to describe her with, that would be good.

Personality, maybe just add how she interacts with people usually and how her personality makes her respond to different situations.

Everything else basically looks fine. Er, except the “two the three hours of sleep” thing—a person can’t actually function on that amount of sleep. They would pass out.
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