Memory in the Daylight

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Memory in the Daylight

Post  Andrew Andreli on Sun Jan 04, 2015 6:27 pm

Andre sat on the stone seats that enclosed around a smaller circle of bricks in the center. He found himself at this, the amphitheatre, after what seemed like hours of endless wandering. He stared at the firepit, at the assortment of bricks, at the trees surrounding the setting. Nostalgia would soon take over his mind there and then, and Andre could feel himself reliving the happenings that occurred there not long ago. The fire, the stars, his claiming... Syl. He remembered her. She was much older than he--a good two or three years, right? And Axel... He remembered how he felt like this was where he belonged, then. How this could be the only place he could ever possibly fit in.

If only he felt that way now.

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