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Andrew Par

Post  EPiCGaM3R206 on Wed Jan 28, 2015 12:10 am

Name: Andrew Parker
Age: 10
God: Hades [If not Hepheastus]
Mortal Family: Never met father, Michelle Parker
Years at Camp: 0

History: Michelle died when Andrew was born, He never met his father and he didnt have any family around so they sent him to an orphanage outside of newyork.

Physical Appearance: Andrew is a white , 5.10[height], Brown hair, kind of muscular, face always dirty

Personality: Kind hearted, never mad, always seems to be confused on what he should do with his life, likes the dark, hot or cold dont really bother him, likes puzzles. He blames himself for his mothers death.

Fatal Flaw: He is kind hearted and would sacrifice anything including himself to help his friends.

Talents: Good at solving puzzles whether physical or virtual, can handle himself well in extreme climates, can sneak by anything without being detected.

Weapons: none
other: ...


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Re: Andrew Par

Post  Catryn Greyling on Wed Jan 28, 2015 9:17 pm

First off, we have sentence requirements for the history, physical appearance, personality, and fatal flaw sections, so you're going to have to meet those. Also, for children of the Big Three, we want apps that really delve into detail, and let us understand who the character is, and where they've been. For example, why is his face always dirty? Does he have hobbies that make it that way, or does he just not know how to work a shower? How were things in the orphanage, and what led him to Camp Half-Blood? Not being bothered by the heat or cold and liking puzzles is not part of the personality (although you could link the puzzle thing to his 'enjoyment of intellectual pursuits' or whatever the reason is - does he like them because he's good at them, and it makes him feel good to complete them?), and you should also add more details. Is he passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive, or assertive? Is he uptight or laid-back? How organized is he? How does he handle the different challenges that life throws at him? How social is he?
Also, I notice that you say he doesn't have any weapons, which I think is pretty interesting, since most half-bloods would carry a weapon of some sort. Explain a little about that.

And, uh, I don't think ten-year-olds be 5'10". I'm trying to imagine a fifth grader, an elementary school kid, that's taller than me and it just does not compute.

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Re: Andrew Par

Post  Cerulaen on Wed Jan 28, 2015 10:47 pm

This is actually posted in the wrong category, so I'll get one of the admin to move it when they get on.
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Re: Andrew Par

Post  GeneralArin on Wed Jan 28, 2015 11:44 pm

It's been moved as if by magic!

And there's a sentence requirement. And then any Big Three app really needs to go above and beyond the requirements.

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Re: Andrew Par

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