Likos Mcloud(unfinsished)

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Likos Mcloud(unfinsished)

Post  Likos on Thu Jan 29, 2015 12:38 am

Name: Likos shelldon Mcloud

Age: 14.

God Parent: Lyssa

Mortal Family:Mimi Mcloud(Alive)-stepmom, Natiely Mcloud(Alive)-younger halfsister, Duncan Mcloud(Alive)-father

Years in Camp:0 3days


Physical Appearance: Likos stands at a impressive 6ft even. Likos loves to wear brown square toed cowboy boots blue jeans and the normal orange camp shirt. Likos eyes are almond in shape their color are a deep honey brown. He is broad shouldered and well muscled. His hair is a fiery copper red hinting at a Scottish heritage.

Personality: Likos is a cunning and bright child that can find the good in most people. He tends to air on the side of caution when it comes to others never liking to be in a large group due to his rage fits. He is strong minded and but is afraid to speak his mind. He is slow to anger most of the time due to the fact it is easier for a rage fit to come about the angrier he is . He is always willing to help others except when it comes to training as he fears what could happen he will often make a excuse not to train with others.

Fatal Flaw: Hesataint: Likos is Hesatiant to seek out counicl of any kind or to even fight even if he when attacked as he is always afraid that he won't come out of the next fit. This extends to every part of his life except forging. weather it is making friends or saying what is on his mind.

Talents: Forging: Likos can forge almost anything he sets his mind to

Part fabrication: Need a part made for that hydro cannon he can make it.

Tracking:Likos is skilled at tracking any prey as long as he knows of them and what to look for.

Weapons: rage and redemption:Twin blades that are strapped to the arms they are light weight and allow for more of a hand to hand combat like fight only now you have to deal with a razor sharp blade instead of a fist the blade part go fron the handle grips to about 7in's past Likos fist.

Other: Likos talks in a Scottish accent that he pick up from his stepdad. Loves dogs and is addicted to shepards pie.


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