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Andrew Parker

Post  EPiCGaM3R206 on Thu Jan 29, 2015 7:53 pm

Name: Andrew Parker

Age: 11

God Parent: Hades

Mortal Family: Michelle Parker

Years in Camp:0 [a month if possible]

History: Parker isn't sure how his parents met because while his mother was giving birth to him, she had died
and was sent to an orphanage in New York since his dad was had simply vanished. He hated it there. Some kids made fun of him because they thought he was weird because he never talked to anyone. Even the caretakers of the orphanage thought he was weird. Everyday he blamed himself for his mothers death. He had no pictures or any memories of his mother. Everyone of his birthdays had been spent alone with nothing but a Red Velvet cupcake with one candle. He was lonely until he found a kitty on his 8th birthday. He didn't know why but the cat reminded him of his mom, so he named her, Michelle.Puzzles at least entertained him. He was getting sick of the orphanage so at night while everyone was asleep he snuck out with his Michelle in a basket he had made in his class. It wasn't really that hard since it was just a big house with a fence half his size. As soon as he jumped the fence with Michelle in the basket he started seeing dark figures. They glanced but none really payed attention to him. He walked for what seemed like days but were really hours into a forest. Suddenly, for a split second, a sharp pain grew on Parker's shoulder and next thing he knew he passed out. He knew at some points he knew he had awaken, unable to move, because he had heard voices and dark silhouettes looming over him. When he finally was able to move he met the Headmaster of the camp who asked someone to show him around. The day was kind of a blur but he knew what he had to do and where he had to go. He had stayed in the Big House for the night since he was still feeling dizzy from whatever had happened the night he got knocked out. During the night, in the Big House, he kept seeing ghost that kept whispering Hades which he knew was the Greek "God of the UnderWorld" since he had learned about the gods at his orphanage. Why, he didn't know, but he knew it was all real. The next morning Parker asked the Headmaster about what had seen last night and he said that he is a son of Hades.

Appearance: White, 4.5[height],brown hair,kind of muscular

Personality: Andrew doesn't like getting mad and gets frustrated when he does, always seems to wonder on what he should do with his life, problem solver[not math but puzzles, riddles, codes etc], CANNOT KEEP SECRETS, quiet unless talking is needed, very antisocial, likes being alone.

Fatal Flaw: Andrew is way to honest and almost never lies. If someone were to ask him if he were hiding something he would tell the truth and say he was hiding something.

Talents: Good at solving puzzles, deciphering codes and algorithms, can handle himself well in extreme climates, can sneak by anything without being detected, good with computers.

Weapons: None, he keeps a knife with him for protection even thought he isn't a knife person, swords slow him down, maces are to heavy, spears are too long. The only thing he is decent with is the bow and none of the bows in camp are right for it so he is now looking for the perfect weapon.

Other: always carries a rubix cube for when he gets bored


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Re: Andrew Parker

Post  Catryn Greyling on Sun Feb 01, 2015 9:58 pm

Well, the camp doesn't have a Headmaster. You're probably thinking Harry Potter. The camp has Chiron, the activities director. As for the appearance section, could you please put that in sentence form? Our minimum for that section is four sentences. If you need more stuff to put there, perhaps you could add his clothing style. The personality section needs four sentences minimum, as well. For the fatal flaw, I suggest adding another example that shows how it could be fatal, or at least more dangerous than just not being able to keep secrets. The "can sneak by anything without being detected" in the talent section, I'm assuming, is a hyperbole. He can have the ability to be pretty stealthy, but there are no guarantees for this sort of thing, so just take note of that.
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Re: Andrew Parker

Post  Cerulaen on Sat Feb 07, 2015 5:26 am

Oh hey, I had some pointers for this.
- Why did the “dark figures” only start appearing to Andrew after he left the orphanage?
- I’m not understanding what happened with the whole “sudden sharp pain” and “passing out” and then “appearing at Camp Half-Blood” thing. Was that supposed to be shadow-traveling? Because if so, it’s not just something he can do randomly and involuntarily, so I’d say you have to change that. If that’s not what you meant, then please try to explain it better.
- Even with all the dreams and ghosts and whatnot, you still need to be formerly claimed, fyi. Per the request of Percy Jackson in the books (not that he or any of the canon are mentioned on this site, but the same rules of the books apply.)
- You might want to change your name. It's unfortunate, and I'm sorry about the inconvenience, but we already have two Andrews on this site that are fairly active. Just a heads up.

Looks like Cat covered everything else.
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Re: Andrew Parker

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