Ashton Silverman

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Ashton Silverman

Post  GerardWay on Mon Apr 20, 2015 3:21 pm

Name: Ashton Silverman (Male)

Age: 14

God Parent: Hades.

Mortal Family: Mother: Helena Silverman; (Mortal) Sister: Eren Silverman; (Mortal) Sister: Kate Silverman (Dead); (Mortal) Step-Father: John O'Donnell

Years in Camp: 3

     Ashton Sliverman was born into a middle class family, in the suburbs, with a regular life. But he always felt isolated from the other children, and could never place his finger on it. Maybe it was his strange attraction to dark corners, or maybe it was because of his severe ADHD. But, even as a demigod, he was at the top of his class for reading and literacy skills. Ashton had a pretty normal childhood, up until the age of nine, when his mother and sister were killed by a strange being. At the time, he had no clue what it was. But soon enough, at the age of ten, he ran away to find it.
     Having almost no knowledge of real world situations, it was a tough start for Ashton. But eventually, he found his was around the tough streets of New Jersey. His step-father and sister tried looking for him at first, as they weren't heartless. They had actually been very kind to him as he lived with them, but eventually they stopped looking.
    After a year of searching for answers, getting caught up in various fights with monsters, and coming close to death a few times, he stumbled over Half-Blood Hill and was welcomed as a camper.
    There was a long explanation, but soon he had been claimed by Hades/Hephaestus/Hermes (Whichever one has the least amount of campers) and moved into said cabin. Ashton is currently awaiting a quest.
Usually, he likes to spend time in the sword fighting arena and the woods, hopefully training in hopes of a quest.

Physical Appearance: Relatively short for his age, Ashton finds it easy to sneak around and get through small spaces. He has clean cut, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He actually has a fabulous tan from his years on the run. Ashton is actually pretty scrawny and underweight, but he is still a good fighter and team mate. He has a long scar on his leg, from one of the aforementioned "near death experiences."

Personality: Ashton is sort of a loner. Don't get me wrong, he likes some people, but has a lot of trust issues because when he was on the run, there were many people and things he put his trust in who betrayed him. He enjoys art and music, and sometimes finds himself lost in another world when he begins to paint. Ashton likes to climb trees and sit in silence, as it is calming and he can watch the sunset. (Not really personality related but whatever) He is quiet and enjoys nature and animals. Despite him being sort of a loner, he enjoys listening to people and trying to help them with their problems. He can be stubborn, like, a lot, too.

Fatal Flaw: Ashton has troubles being loyal to his friends. Despite having trust issues and not wanting to make others feel that way, he still manages to do so without really realizing it. This could be 'fatal' because he fears he might betray his friends in a life or death situation, as he really wants to save himself.

Talents: Ashton can roller blade very quickly for hours on end, despite it being considered a 'mortal game'. He is very good at street art and tagging, even though it's not very 'legal'.

Weapons:  A black battle ax, and when the handle is twisted to the left it can repel dead armies of other campers; and when twisted to the right, can summon dead people, i.e.: lost relatives, old friends, etc.

Other:  Would it be alright if he was a year-round camper? If not that's cool.

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Re: Ashton Silverman

Post  GeneralArin on Mon Apr 20, 2015 6:00 pm

Year round's cool, and kinda preferred from an RP standpoint. Then everyone's in the main part of rping most of the time.

Alright, pick a god parent, just to make things firm.
You can have Hades, but the app has to be impressive for it to be approved. (Though if you're going for a god that isn't picked as much, I'd recommend one of your backups. I'm biased and vote Hepheastus, but you know.)

Three years is okay, just add what you've been doing in camp on a normal basis.

Okay, personally me and Axel have this peeve about scythes as weapons, because they are incredibly impractical as weapons. But Battle ax is cool.

Fatal Flaw looks good to me, well-Incorporated with personality. Just a fair warning, complete loners that actively avoid interaction are hard to roleplay, as the game revolves around interactions with other characters.

Okay, overall, just go ahead and pick things. Lock some things in, because that'll help me judge this a bit better.

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Re: Ashton Silverman

Post  Catryn Greyling on Sat Apr 25, 2015 8:05 pm

"There was a long explanation, but soon he had been claimed by Hades/Hephaestus/Hermes (Whichever one has the least amount of campers) and moved into said cabin." You should probably edit the other two gods out of there. =P

Also, your fatal flaw explains how it could be fatal for his friends, if he betrays them, but is there an example of how that might lead to his own demise?

Just as a note, as a son of Hades, he really doesn't need to twist his battle ax to summon dead people.

After you make your edits, please bump the thread to let us know, it makes it easier for us staff members to know which apps need to be looked at again. ^^ Thank you!
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Re: Ashton Silverman

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