Amy Carde ~ New Character

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Amy Carde ~ New Character

Post  AmyTheGreek on Fri Jul 10, 2015 6:28 am

Name: Amy Carde

Age: 13

God Parent: Apollo

Mortal Family: Scarlett Carde - mother,  Matthew Wood - step father,  Harry Wood - stepbrother

Years in Camp: 1

History: Amy started her life with her mother Scarlett who was a famous musician playing the violin, her mother married her stepfather Matthew when Amy was only 4 and he immediately loved Amy then when she 8 her half brother Harry was born and they turned into a healthy normal  family. Until Amy's teachers discover she was severely dyslexic and ADHD and she was having extreme difficulty in school after her first test at school Amy's teachers labelled her at hyperactive, unable to focus and un smart which in turn killed Amy's confidence. Because of her ADHD her mother put Amy in a dance class thinking it would drain some of her energy but then Amy fell in love with dance and she didn't have to be smart and they didn't judge her for her dyslexia. With Amy's love of music coming from her mother and her love for dance Scarlett brought Amy her first piano when she was 10 and Amy quickly excelled in playing it. When Amy came home from dance when she was 12 a monster attacked her and Scarlett and her mother decided it was time Amy went to camp half blood for proper training and safety.

Physical Appearance: Amy has long honey blonde hair with blue eyes, she's quite petite in both height (5,1) and weight, she has a sprinkle of freckles across her nose and cheeks. Amy's style is quite girly with dresses and skirts but she doesn't mind wearing jeans and t-shirts and getting her hands dirty.  

Personality: Amy ha a bright and bubbly personality, and tends to be abit loud arrogant. She strongly believes in her rights and will do anything it takes to get her point across whether it means to debate or fight them. Amy is very creative with song writing and dancing and the occasional sonnet. Amy tends to exaggerate things and often shows off her skills at music and dance at first opportunity. Amy is very brave and loyal to her friends and would rather die then see her friends get hurt.

Fatal Flaw: excessive loyalty/stubbornness

Talents: Amy is an overall performer she is gifted in dancing, and music, she is known for driving people mad by her constant singing if Broadway musicals. And also she a talented bowman and swordfighter

Weapons: Amy carries a celestial bronze sword and a wooden bow and arrow. She prefers to use his bow and arrow but doesn't mind showing off her sword fighting skills while fighting monsters and in sword skills class.


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Re: Amy Carde ~ New Character

Post  Catryn Greyling on Sat Jul 18, 2015 1:08 am

We have a minimum sentence requirement for certain sections, and you don't have enough in the Physical Appearance and Fatal Flaw sections. So please add to that. Physical appearance should be four sentences.

For the fatal flaw section, there should only be one fatal flaw. So I suggest going with stubbornness, because we see a lot of people going for the same loyalty flaw. Her loyalty could be due in part to her stubbornness, if you still want to incorporate that. You need four sentences minimum for this section.

Remember to bump the thread when you've made your edits. Smile
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