Edward crevice son of Ares

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Edward crevice son of Ares

Post  Gusty on Mon Jul 27, 2015 7:35 am

Name: Edward Crevice

Age: 16

God Parent: Ares

Mortal Family: Emily crevice (mum, dead) Steve crevice(uncle, alive)

Years in Camp: He spent a total of 2 years in the camp, but at the age of 13 joined the Titan army.

History: Edward was born into a messed up life, his mother turned into an alcoholic after his dad left, he spent his life as far away from home as possible. He barely listened at school but somehow still managed to get average grades; he hid away from everyone else and whenever someone came up to him, he hit them. His mother's condition didn't improve if anything it became worse and worse, she started taking tablets for anti depression-which never worked and returned home every night drunk out of her mind. To be honest Edward couldn't wait till she drank herself to death so he could leave all the bad memories behind. At the age of 9 his mother passed away but her last words were "Do not submit to Anger."
His uncle looked after him from there on and everything seemed to shut down in Edward's mind. He became a rebel refusing to do as he was told no matter what it was, his tantrums grew and the amount of blood that stained his fists tripled.  The world seemed like a dark horrible place until he discovered the truth...
Edward's social worker and his doctor (Doctor Warren) turned out to be Cyclops, he was rescued by a satyr who later died of a wound to the chest, he was brought to camp at 11, he found that the one thing he had always wanted, siblings, were the worst of all and many fights occurred although, the sibling war was going on, Edward felt happier than he ever had, his best friend was his sword called Zephyr. He loved to fight more than anything in the world and he longed to feel the surge of rage. At 13, the demon side of him took over once more, he left camp, joined the titan army and met a ten year old girl known as Gusty Charm on the streets. She looked powerful to him but she was easy to manipulate. Every time she disobeyed him, he would threaten her and her being small and young would just submit to him, when he tried to tell her about all the great things about being in the army. Her stupid eagle kept butting in. Eventually, he tried to force her and she slammed her sword into his shoulder. Now his mission is to capture Gusty at all costs.

Physical Appearance: Edward is slightly pale with a skinny complexion, he wears dark clothing and his black hair is short but in need of a cut drooping over his eyes most of the time. His eyes are dark green like emeralds. He is 5ft 9 inches with big muscles, his fists are hard. His teeth are even but sharp like a vampires. He has an evil stare that pierces through anyone sending fear into their hearts. He has a scar over his right eye.

Personality: Edward is a very angry kid with a taste for spilling blood, he is quite a clever strategist with a sly and manipulative personality, if you've ever seen the game Bully he's kind of like Gary Smith. He loves to show off his skills and to scare his victims. He can hold a grudge for a very long time and is a very good fighter with a sword.

Fatal Flaw: His anger is his fatal flaw, he cannot control all of his bad energy when he blows and ends up making big mistakes which could cost him his life. Doesn't know when to quit.

Talents:  Good sword fighter, great at bribing threatening android manipulating, he can sense people's fear like a lion can it's prey.

Weapons: Zephyr, his sword, shrinks back into a silver ring, glows different colours depending on Edward's mood, can see people's past when it touches their blood revealing it to Edward.(But So I don't make it op.) It can only see snippets of the victim's past depending on how long it's in their blood for. Needs blood to charge.

Other: His rival is Gusty in case you didn't guess

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