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Post  drunkson on Fri Sep 18, 2015 9:17 pm

Name: Damian "dam" Burns

Age: he is 15

God Parent: Dionysus

Mortal Family: Bernie Burns and Jordan Burns

Years in Camp: Only two years

History: Damian was put into an orphanage in Texas when he was two years old his biological mother being a drunk wanted nothing to do with him and was too lazy to take care of Damian. When Damian was five The Burns ended up adopting him after a visit to the orphanage as part of bet from them and their coworkers this is when they met the young purple eyed child and as Bernie will say " the little sucker looked up at me and I just knew this kid would be like me so I decided that we would adopt him.". Damian lived nicely after that his father owned a small but popular production studio maybe by coincidence or Dionysus everyone in the company including his adoptive parents drank a lot but only occasionally got drunk. This allowed for Damian to get ahold of alcohol really early on and learned he couldn't get drunk but still loved alcohol and especially beer he had a few friends but generally hung out with adults that worked at his adoptive fathers company. Damian was attacked when he was twelve and in a half during school by a manticore however he took a drink and for some reason he knew how to fight it however he simply started running. He was kind of glad his school had ancient history as a class last semester most certainly because otherwise he wouldn't have recognized the beast. He ended up defeating it by dropping a light post on it then ran away with the clothes on his back a hundred dollars and a bottle of rice wine About a half year later he ended up at the camp with a few more scars and some more stuff like his pet rat that also loves alcohol.

Physical Appearance: He has chestnut hair so black mixed with red and brown and it is cut rather short his bangs reaching halfway to his eyes the rest of his hair being a little longer but seems to be trimmed all the time. Damian's eyes are copper with flecks of green near the iris Damian's eyes will change to purple when drinking and red when drinking a substitute for alcohol his hair will also turn black when drinking alcohol. Damian's nose is a little crooked but still manages to complement his sharp jaw and his high cheekbones while still going along with his slyly curved eyebrows and eyes. Damian almost never smiles but keeps a smirk on his face in almost all situations simply out of habit in needing to fool some rougher folk of the world. Damian is also covered in many many scars one T shaped one on his cheek and a rather bad looking burn scar on his left shoulder. While his largest and most gruesome is on his back which looks as if his skin a muscle was torn of off his back and reattached it is the only scar he will not tell the story of that's if you see it out of training. His defined muscles match his 6'1 body like paint on paper however he doesn't look as strong as many others he can match almost any one in speed and upper body strength. (If you want to get rid of the drinking changes just mention it I will get rid of it)

Personality: Damian’s confidence is just above average bordering arrogance in most things however he can find his calm and modesty while drinking anything other than water and any non-mixed juice. Quiet, reflective, and idealistic. Witch Damian strives to live in accordance with. Being extremely loyal, Adaptable and extremely laid-back unless a strongly-held value is threatened. Mentally quick, and able to see possibilities Interested in understanding people.

Fatal Flaw: He is very desensitized and apathetic not willing to put himself in danger for anyone who isn’t extremely close to him so right now he is not willing to risk his life for anyone. This is shown when he was about to reach camp and another demigod was being chased by two hellhounds Damian watched the demigod fall down nearly getting eaten by the hellhound however a couple arrows landed on the hellhounds pushing them back. Damian looked up to see a couple blondes with bows on the top of the hill than started walking towards the tree ignoring everyone else getting a glare from the camper.

Talents: He is good with computers almost hacker level however that is when he is not drinking. Damian is also really good with knives and daggers but prefers knives over anything else.
Weapons: Two knives that are illegal in the U.S a celestial bronze butterfly knife and a celestial bronze switch blade.


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Post  Axel The Bunny on Fri Sep 18, 2015 9:48 pm

Ok so a few things, not many issues with this compared to other apps I've seen though.

-I need you to explain what you mean by him drinking makes him know how to fight the monster that attacked him? isn't like the Drunken Fist martial arts style? Or does it just give him a physical boost? I need to be sure this is fair to other RPers and doesn't give you an instant win trump card in any fights, so to keep the RP fair.

-What exactly was going on for that time he had disappeared? you leave 6 months purposely unexplained. If you need to keep this secret for plot reasons just PM me or GeneralArin to explaiin, because if this has to come full circle we need to be sure it doesn't overshadow current plot or the like, as well as the fact if it isn't importantt to keep a mystery, just leave a brief thing summarizing his adventures.

-I need you to expand on personality a bit, and maybe add some explanation onto some of your other traits.

-Fatal flaw is unclear, all im getting is that he isnt prone to risking his life for strangers, not exactly a fatal flaw. the fatal flaw must be a personality trait. Or explain how his flaw would directly put him in danger which could cause lose of life.

overall not a bad app and these are rather minor issues to fix.
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