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Laera Alvin

Post  Alvin on Fri Sep 25, 2015 6:34 pm

Name: Laera Alvin

Age: 14

God Parent: Plutus

Mortal Family: Garrett Alvin ("dad"), Jennifer Jeanne Alvin (mother), Quintin Alvin (brother), Carissa Alvin (sister)

Years in Camp: Half a year

History: Laera was born from an affair between the CEO of a highly successful accounting firm, Jennifer Jeanne Causters-Alvin, and the god of wealth, Plutus, who posed as a wealthy businessperson during their short-lived relationship. When Jennifer realized she was pregnant, it was easy to pretend it was her husband Garrett's child. Garrett, a well-known real-estate agent, was a smart man, but he never realized the truth about Laera, nor did the rest of the family, or Laera herself.
Laera was the youngest child of her family, and spoiled rotten. She wasn't very close with her oldest sibling, Quintin, who was very devoted to his studies, but she had a very good relationship with her sister Carissa, who always seemed to have some time to spend with her. Her parents gave her whatever she wanted, even if they were busy and not around often. It was never apparent to Laera, but her mother kept her at a bit more of a distance than her other children, not just because she was busy, but because Laera had been the result of a mistake, a secret scar on her family.
Her parents had hired a nanny to take care of her, who had to deal with the kid's temper tantrums every time she didn't let her get her way. She was sent to the best schools available in Washington, D.C., where she lived. She was always raised to believe that having money made you better than everyone else, and only made friends with people with parents that were successful like hers. She was discovered to be dyslexic, a fact that she never dared share with anyone outside of her family. As Laera grew up, she became the cruel, popular type that'd gossip behind everyone's back, glare at people for no reason, and take her friends a bit for granted.
It was her thirteenth birthday when her life turned upside down. Her mother took a day off work, which was unusual, and they took their private jet to NYC. That was when Laera found out her dad wasn't her dad at all, and her siblings were only half-siblings. She was a result of infidelity. She was half-god.
She was forced to spend the summer at Camp Half-Blood, with no contact with her family. Her real father was the god of wealth, but being a minor god, Laera couldn't find it in herself to be proud of that fact. She skipped out on many of camp's activities, like rock climbing, sparring, pegasi riding. She did make some friends, finding herself getting along with some of the Aphrodite campers. At the end of the summer, she went back to boarding school, and found out her mother intended to keep her at camp whenever school was out, including winter break.

Physical Appearance: Laera has long, wavy, golden caramel-colored hair that is usually partially braided. She is fair-skinned, with a slender, graceful, non-muscular body--you can tell she has never really worked a day in her life (the noob). She has light green eyes that usually let people know when she wants to stab them, and she stands at around 5'5. She's usually dressed in pretty nice clothes, usually from some expensive and/or popular brand name.

Personality: Laera is a condescending, spoiled, and demanding girl. She acts a lot nicer when she is trying to manipulate people to get her way, or when she believes someone is actually worth talking to. Otherwise, if you mean nothing to her, well, she doesn't exactly make a secret of it. When something gets too difficult to handle, she'll often give up and demand that someone help her. It is unfortunately easy to get on her nerves and make her angry, even though she was raised to act poised and sophisticated. She does not take insults kindly, but isn't the strongest in the comeback department. She holds grudges against those who displease her, and does her best to exact her revenge with powers available with her status and money. She likes being the center of attention, and is quite vain, showing off whenever she can. She's very impatient and hates being ignored or treated disrespectfully. She can also be very uncertain, as her sense of pride makes her afraid of getting something wrong and looking bad, so she will often hold herself back from certain things (maybe trying a new activity, or answering a question she's not completely confident about in class) in fear of looking foolish.

Fatal Flaw: Laera is the kind of person who just gives up. She isn't a problem solver, or a diligent worker. She's too used to having other people to do things for her, or having her money to fall back on. She can't work through challenges and prefers to just give up when the going gets tough, rather than fail and be humiliated. She also doesn't believe she has any obligations or responsibilities, and tends to just brush it off. Essentially, this makes her useless in many life-threatening situations, or even just group projects at school.

Talents: Laera learned to play piano from a young age, and is quite skilled at it. Whether she actually cares about this skill is irrelevant. Laera is also good at throwing tantrums and being a terrible person.

Weapons: An elegant Celestial bronze rapier. It's mostly just for decoration.

Other: She is scared of horses. And, subsequently, pegasi.

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Re: Laera Alvin

Post  Axel The Bunny on Fri Sep 25, 2015 6:57 pm

looks fine to me, Approved.
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Re: Laera Alvin

Post  Catryn Greyling on Fri Sep 25, 2015 7:22 pm

Approved! Welcome to the site.
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Re: Laera Alvin

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