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Nix Averon (Hunter of Artemis) Empty Nix Averon (Hunter of Artemis)

Post  Axel The Bunny on Sun Sep 27, 2015 10:30 pm

Name: Nix Averon

Age: physically 11 (Actual age: 215)

God Parent: Hephaestus

Mortal Family: Sarah Averon (mother deceased) Theodore Averon (Grandfather, deceased)

Years in Camp: 204

History: Nix was born in America during the early 1800s to the daughter of a rich plantation owner. She’d grown up as a curious girl who had a habit of tinkering with things and generally was a curious person. Of course women and girls during that time were in many ways second class citizens and Nix was often forced to stay in the home and expected to conform to the rules of society at the time. Then monsters showed up in her life, and one particular monster, a manticore to be specific, chased her off her father’s plantation and had nearly killed the girl before the hunters arrived.
Nix had loved the idea of adventure, as well as simply the freedom that joining the hunters offered and jumped at the chance to join the group. She has served the hunters loyally and has ended up in the role of Quartermaster, taking care of the supplies and weapons, as well as repairing them. Nix has participated in many hunts, having met and befriended many famous demigods and heroes’ male and female alike in her time. Including Theodore Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Amelia Earhart, and Harriet Tubman. She has actively kept up with the times however as well as technological improvements. Generally even understanding complex sciences and machinery. This is mostly due to studying such things whenever she has the opportunity. Nix has gained plenty of experience of the years and is probably one of the longest lived hunters currently alive. Despite this however she has never been considered for a position as Lieutenant due to her general disinterest in the position and lack of maturity.

Physical Appearance: Nix is a short girl at around 4’5. She has black hair that is kept in pigtails, and generally fair skin color. She generally wears practical clothing and wears a pair of goggles on her forehead at almost all times.

Personality: Nix is best described as an extremely energetic, possibly hyperactive person, she needs to be doing something at almost all the times, and tends to talk more often than not. She’s rather excitable and despite her years has maintains a rather childlike personality. Nix is an extremely adventurous person by nature. Nix is an extremely intelligent person and is able to memorize and even apply many complex sciences and scientific theories. In addition Nix is very prideful about her inventions and creations. Nix is easily sidetracked and incredibly impulsive, additionally she has a habit of going overboard and often making things more complex than needed. She is incredibly Naïve and trusting however she can be aggressive if threatened.

Fatal Flaw: Nix tends to be extremely impulsive. She acts without thinking and often does things without considering others opinions about her actions or the possible repercussions. Also due to this she tends to get sidetracked rather easily, even for a demigod and will often get distracted in the middle of a task, even if the task she was previously engaged in was something dangerous.

Talents: Like most of Hephaestus’ children Nix is very good at building things and inventing things. She’s also got a very big interest in science even theoretical science and often implements this into her inventions. Nix knows about most established technology as well.

Weapons: Bow and Arrows, additionally Nix carries her Phoenix utility belt, as she has named it. This belt contains various inventions that she has created within a subspace pocket. Ready to be taken out and used as needed. Unfortunately this is prone to malfunctions and requires a decently long time to retrieve items depending on the size and complexity of the object in question.

Other: She is a huge eater and likes pizza, but will eat almost anything.
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