Edgar Takes The Cake (Or Just The Circlet)

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Edgar Takes The Cake (Or Just The Circlet)

Post  Catryn Greyling on Thu Oct 01, 2015 2:44 am

     The goddess smiled coldly. "You amuse me."

     Livia's fingers tightened around the reins at the memory. She hated how it gnawed at her insides and filled her with worry and fear. The more she thought about it, the more alarm bells went off. It was never a good thing to be a god's source of amusement.
    She was making a mistake.
    It scared her a lot, how often that particular thought was finding its way into her head lately. She also thought a lot about David. When she got back to him, she wondered if... no. She couldn't afford to think like that. The desperation gripped her bones like ice. She hated that desperation. But she clung to it.
    Edgar let out a happy squawk as they flew over a forest. Livia sat back a little, knowing her griffin was familiar with the drill. She pulled out the sword, the one she and her feathery companion had flown across the entire country for. She stared at it doubtfully. The goddess had said she'd need to go to that Camp Half-Blood to get what she needed. She'd taken the sword, and by the time she got back to Edgar, she had no doubt that it was no longer safe to try and raid the rest of the camp for supplies--the brunette would have raised the alarm instantly. So the survival of one of the most important people in Livia's life now rested solely on this magic sword.
    What if it's not magic? said a voice inside her head.
    Shut up, she told it, edging on panic at the idea. It had to have healing properties. She could figure it out, she just needed some time. It was a sword of the sun god, a sword of a healing god. The goddess had told her that finding a child of Apollo would lead her to the answer. It had to work somehow, there had to be a trick...
    She whipped out her knife and cut a thin line into her right forearm. Stowing her own weapon away again, she lifted the Celestial bronze sword and experimentally tapped it against her wound. Nothing. She pressed her thumb against the sun engraving and sent a prayer to Apollo. Nothing. She began to panic again.
    Just then, Edgar let out another squawk. Livia frowned, recognizing it as the noise he made when he saw something shiny. But they were in a forest, how could he--
    The griffin took a nosedive, and Livia nearly fell off, grabbing the edge of the saddle just in time. They swooped into a clearing, and Livia was surprised to see a group of girls there, with silver tents and wild animals all around. Edgar went straight for a girl with dyed red hair.
    "No!" she yelled at him.
    The griffin snatched something from the girl's head and rose swiftly into the sky.
    "What was that?" she scolded him. She leaned over to the side, staring at what her friend had captured. In his talons was a silver circlet.
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