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Post  Max Ryker on Mon Jan 04, 2016 2:00 pm

Name: Max Ryker

Age:  16

Godly Parent: Apollo

Mortal Family: Amy Ryker, John lett(step dad)

Years at Camp: 3

History: Was born in Houston texas and lived there until the age of 10. Was supposed to move overseas for my stepdad's military job but instead ran away. Hitchhiked my way north to try to live with my relatives who lived in New jersey. At age 11 I got to their house and lived their for a year. Shortly after my twelfth birthday my relatives house was burned down by a mysterious fire. After the fire i lived on the streets and eventually started camping out on the streets of New York City. I came to camp halfblood at the age of thirteen when i saw a group of kids my age fighting a seven foot tall man who had tried to abduct me previously. Once i got to camp i was claimed by Apollo within the year and quickly made friends at camp.

Physical Appearance: is a White male with sandy blonde hair. Is lean not buff, but is able to handle himself and is not scrawny. Athletic looking and five feet eleven inches tall. quick on his feet and has a surprising strength to him.

Personality: Is laid back and chill. Is the person in the group to consider all aspects of a situation and almost seems like a child of athena. Is fine with a crowd of people but truly opens up when he is with a close group of friends. Is a popular kid with all the campers and is happy to go with things during calm times and is a strong voice during rough times.

Fatal Flaw: His fatal flaw is Hubris. He thinks that given enough thought that he is able to solve any problem but in reality he needs the help of others. will try to solve problems that sometimes don't have answers

Talents: Archery, music, prophecy through visions and small amounts of healing.

Weapons: A carved wooden bow inlaid with celestial bronze, an assortment of  specialty arrows, A celestial bronze sword(gift from apollo that swirls with visions).

Max Ryker

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Max Ryker(New Character) Empty Re: Max Ryker(New Character)

Post  Axel The Bunny on Mon Jan 04, 2016 2:51 pm

Ok first of all you need to convert this to third person, as that is how all writing must be done on the site.

Considering your character has been at camp for three years I'm going to need to ask that you cover a bit more of their time in camp.
I'm going to have to ask for a bit more insight into personality, and also ask you to connect your flaw to personality.

I'm going to veto the prophecy powers because first off it is too gamebreaking and easily abused. This is meant to be unfocused on any one hero. No one person is the protagonist and giving the ability to see the future would mean allowing you to either know future plot of the site, or give you a level of control in topics that I do not feel should be allowed. Also there is the fact that prophecy can easily be abused for the purpose of metagaming.
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