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Post  MaximeM on Wed Feb 10, 2016 4:18 pm

Name: Elise Stonetree

Age: 12

God Parent: Nike

Mortal Family:
Father: Arthur Stonetree, age 42
Little sister: Nathalie Stonetree, age 5
Uncle: David Stonetree, age 46
Aunt: Felicia Hoddintan - Stonetree
Nephew: Dean Stonetree

Arthur Stonetree wasn't quite a succesful man. He was a sporter. He was born in the Netherlands, so was Elise. She grew up in the Netherlands until she was nine years old. Her little sister was born already when they left. Arthur tried to find a job, but he couldn't find it in his old country. He also tried to find a decent soccer club where he could play. In the Netherlands he also played soccer, but he couldn't really get higher, how hard he tried. He drew the attention of Nike. Arthur was a nice guy, thin, ambitious and he liked sport. Nike gave him a daughter, Elise. After a few years, Nike gave him another daughter, Nathalie. Elise was a mix between her parents. She was even more ambitious, more competitive, her temper was bad and she was really talented in sports. She mastered almost every sport, but soccer was her favourite. Nathalie was a bit less like her sister, which is basically good, because Elise isn't always good. Nike really liked these three mortals and she decided to let them move to the United States. She could see her kids more often. This had bad sides for Elise and Nathalie. Well, only Elise, because Nathalie didn't mastered the dutch language, so she could learn the english. Elise, on the other hand, had a problem. She wasn't quite well in English, but now she had to talk English the whole time. In the United States, things did go better for the Stonetrees. Arthur did get a fine job, he played in a decent soccer team and Nathalie learned the English language really well. Except for Elise, she couldn't master the English language and she was pushed to the lowest level in school. After half a year, receiving only F and really bad grades, she didn't mind anymore. She decided to focus on the only thing she could do well: Sports. Her grades went from really bad to worse (yeah, that was possible) and she was kicked out from school. Arthur noticed the bad grades, and tried to help her with her English. Half a year she had homeschool. She did learn some English, but the lessons were mostly in Dutch, because she is still very bad at English. When Elise was sad, she called to her uncle and aunt, who were great supports. At some point, Arthur said that Elise had to go to a summer camp. This was after Elise told her father she definitely saw women in the water for an hour. To prevent Elise would see more mythical creatures (who weren't as nice as the women in the water), she was sent to Camp Halfblood, where she could learn to defend herself in the mythical world. Her little sister Nathalie, isn't sent to the camp until she is twelve. Arthur doesn't want her to get involved into monsterbashing and stuff when she is only five years old.

Years in Camp: One week

History: Actually, I made the history in the family

Physical Appearance: Elise is Dutch. Being Dutch means you are very big. Elise is 1,70 meter long, and she is still growing. Her hair is lightbrown, just above the shoulders. Her eyes are brown, plain, stupid brown. Elise is strong, her body is well-trained and she is broad, and not fat. She has more a male than a female body, so some people think she is a boy. There is a scar on her left arm. That was because fire + arm = not a great idea. Her fire mark (idk how it is called) is ovale and about seven centimeters big.

Personality: Elise wants to win. She is ambitious, she accepts every challenge, even when they are impossible. Walk a kilometre (yes you americans, curse you with your stupid system) in five minutes, she accepts, swordfighting an Arescamper, she accepts. This can influence her mood, because she is bad at losing. She can be nice, but she can't stand critic and she will fight over everything, since her temper is very bad. On the other hand, she can be kind, helpful and understanding, unless you're doing something entirely wrong.

Fatal Flaw: Hubris. Elise thinks she can do everything, and she doesn't hold back anything. If there is a problem, she jumps in it, trying to solve it, but her problem is that she must leave something to other ones. She learned this at soccer.Elise was a midfielder. She thought she was needed most in the defending, so she stayed there and "ain't nobody coming at our goal," but she also needed to go forward, because the strikers didn't make a goal. Elise was really angry. I must go forward and make a goal which was stupid.  She couldn't handle the fact she had to let other ones do things. She thought she was the only one to be capable of doing what's right. Years later, at Camp Halfblood, she learned she wasn't the only one with this fatal flaw. She is going to learn she isn't responsible for everything, and she doesn't have to take all responsibility. BUT THAT IS NOT TODAY MUHAHA

Talents:  Different sports, such as basketball, soccer and baseball

Weapons: A twohanded sword, celestial bronze, 1 meter long. She also carries a dagger.

Other: Elise really likes hagelslag (dutch food dutch people put on bread, search it on google), but she can't find it anywhere. She is definitely going on a quest to find hagelslag.

Okay, if you maybe noticed, I am Dutch, so don't mind my grammatical errors, I'm not that good and I want to learn to write better English


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Post  Axel The Bunny on Thu Feb 11, 2016 1:31 am

No problem, I can understand that and it definitely explains some things in your app.

Ok first off history.  Can you please just edit it so that the history is in proper place as it makes it easier to keep organized. Aside from that you have a few problems here. First off Mastery of all sports? even if your a Nike kid I'm going to have to veto that, after all sports encompass a wide variety of things such as fencing, martial arts, and the like so it would be difficult to justify that. Also mastery is not something that is learned lightly, You might be able to justify her having great physical abilities and being skilled but Mastery is a different story.
Also and this im going to assume is cultural differences but you cannot be kicked out of school in the United States for grades. At least not public school. Private schools and colleges are a bit different likely but regardless the worst that would happen is being held back. So yeah, getting kicked out for grades won't happen.

Also gods don't really have this much contact with mortals, and that is true for minor gods like Nike as welll (Nemesis for example) Alot of your history seems dependent on Nike's involvement.

Can you please translate the height and other measurements for me? I'm a dumb american who doesn't use the metric system. it's not a requirement I'm merely asking because most of our users are Americans and I'm too lazy to look up the stuff
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