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New Character: Alumina Karison Empty New Character: Alumina Karison

Post  Darkia on Sat Feb 13, 2016 4:11 pm

Name: Alumina Karison

Age: 14 years old

God Parent: Hestia (was born in a different way, like Athena’s children, due to Hestia’s perpetual virginity)

Mortal Family: E. Karison (first name unknown)

Years in Camp: 2 years so far.

History: She was always a very lonely child, and had no friends. She was often taken advantage of by bullies, due to her good nature. She did relatively well in academia, though no one ever noticed her prowess. She often took odd jobs, ran errands, and other things to earn more money for her ill father, even though she was still an elementary school student. Her father passed of cancer when she was 10 years old. Her grief was devastating, and she nearly lost all hope for quite a while. However, about a year later, she was found by a satyr and brought to Camp Half-Blood, where she regained some hope and whatever little bit of happiness and safety it offered. She also made new friends, whom she cares for deeply. She often gives presents to those near and dear to her, and always tries to do her best, no matter what. Her fear is becoming a despicable person, without morals or conscience.
Your life up until this point in the roleplay. This includes your former home life, major events, and if applicable, what you've done in camp up until now. At least 8 sentences. Be sure to include details!

Physical Appearance: She has large, silver/grey eyes with gold flecks in them. She has long, dark green hair that fades into white at the tips and goes down to her ankles, which is either down or in 2 ponytails. She’s a little below average height, and has somewhat yellow/brown skin. She’s a little curvy. She often wears a cropped Camp Half-Blood shirt which shows her midriff, with a black skirt and black doll-like shoes that double as both formal shoes and sneakers.

Personality: She’s a shy and quiet girl that, until Camp Half-Blood, had no friends. She looks tough, but she’s a very sensitive and warm kind of person. She cares deeply about her friends, is fiercely loyal, and is very thoughtful and kind. She’s also very intelligent for not being a child of Athena, and can do well in normal schools when there’s no interference from monsters. Morals and ethics are important to her, and human rights are her thing. She tends to think too much and can often be found alone, pondering the meaning of life and motivation to live. For this reason, she is easily depressed and even when smiling, has a melancholic air about her.

Fatal Flaw: As Alumina is so kind and caring, it’s easy to boss her around. People who first meet her may be slightly intimidated at first due to her tough appearance, but find that her demeanor is very demure, modest, and kind. She easily becomes a pushover, and finds it difficult to say no to people, even when they demand something irresponsible or unthinkable of her- or when she knows she should say no. Thus, bullies can make her do things she doesn’t particularly want to, and force her to give of what she’s not ready to.

Talents: She excels at reading, writing, singing, baking/cooking, and academia. She’s also good at comforting people and lifting their spirits.

Weapons: She has a sharp and lethal grey dagger that’s usually strapped to her right thigh, along with a variety of poisons and acids in capsules strapped to her left thigh.

Other: As she’s prone to depression, she has suffered many episodes in the past, and has hurt herself on purpose before. She has also seriously considered suicide.


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