A not so fun, vacation(closed, to the people that knew Ren, Please come save him from a boring life)

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A not so fun, vacation(closed, to the people that knew Ren, Please come save him from a boring life)

Post  Jace on Tue Jul 19, 2016 4:45 am

It's been about a year since Ren went to camp Halfblood, and not only did he feel as if they might have forgotten him, but the fact that even Axel, one of the few people Ren could tolerate at camp, forgot about him. Even his mother forgot about him it seemed, his real mother that is. Ren has spent the last Year, two months, and seven hours with a grown Halfblood named Stacey, whom felt for him, since she was never really accepted it seemed either, and for the fact that she was at the time the only daughter of Sol that she knew of. Ren liked her, and loved how she acted like a mother to him(well not when she decided to ground him for sneaking off to try and fight a monster but) and he was grateful for her taking him in. But she could not take the cold aura that seemed to fallow him around, even Freezing over the A/C once when Ren was angered(which he later fixed) and then the monster attacks. Oh the monster attacks. They where few, since Ren was not at all considered a powerful demigod, as well, as his allegiance did waver a lot, he was loyal to the few friends he made at camp, and the Crush he developed there as well. He did not like the whole Cabin incident though as well, that and since he was the only camper there, he did not understand why he was not considered the counselor for it either. But it was what he thought of as home, and maybe he would be needed soon anyways, the amount of things that happened when he was there livened the place up, causing fights, messing with that blind girl, he might of might not have liked. And the whole not used to talking to people thing as well.

Sighing Ren turned his desk chair around, and looked out his window, hoping to see a familiar face, like Axel or, well anyone really. As he thought of his times at camp, the imige of the Red haired daughter of Ares came to mind, and he felt his face grow hot, thinking about her. No, he doubted she remembered him anyways. Maybe Cat would come get him, or sometime get of the sort. Who knew, even, Gods forbid, that Jake or Kris showed up, or worse Both. Jake was one of the few people Ren would listen to, when being told not to touch things and such, mainly because he never knew if the son of he pests would have a trinket that was not complete or malfunctioning. Butt he knew this would be a, dare he say it, Great Day for him. Mainly because he had a feeling in his gut something was going to happen, he did after all send a letter to that old centaur, telling him that he may need help, and the address, since a lone demigod like Ren roaming the streets would be horrible for the world.

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