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Post  pjo27 on Sat Feb 11, 2017 7:19 pm

Name: Cassia January Bouvet

Age: 16

God Parent: Zeus

Mortal Family:
Indigo Paris Bouvet Daniels (Mother)
Carson David Daniels (Stepfather)
Arabella Naomi Daniels (Stepsister)
Kai Tate Daniels(Half-Brother)

Years in Camp: 4

History: Indigo Bouvet was a rich model. She did whatever she pleased. It was no surprise that she caught the eyes of Zeus. After a party to celebrate her friend's movie's release, she met Zeus. He visited her frequently, and she eventually became pregnant with Cassia. Indigo was only sixteen. The last time Indigo saw Zeus was 3 months before Cassia's birth. She never knew the true identity of Zeus. Indigo believed him to be a rich businessman. In fact, Cassia's mother was only interested in him because she hoped to marry him and have his money. Cassia was born on December 27 in Los Angeles. Indigo wasn't a very devoted mother. Cassia was raised by a number of nannies and shipped off to boarding schools. They were very rich, and Cassia often had to attend parties with her mother's friends. She hated being surrounded by those self obsessed celebrities. It was at one of those parties that indigo met Carson. Cassia's mother married Carsonwhen Cassia turned 5. Indigo took the last name Daniels. The marriage was not a happy one. Carson was only interested in Indigo because she was pretty. Indigo married Carson for fame and attention. After all, he was a famous actor. Cassia had to learn to live with Arabella, her stepsister that is 8 months younger. Carson hated Cassia because she wasn't his child and Arabella constantly made fun of Cassia. The whole family moved to New York six months after the wedding. Carson was always happiest when Cassia was at her boarding school in Connecticut. Cassia was happy at boarding school too. There, she could escape the stepfamily, and the constant fighting. Cassia didn't have any friends though. When Cassia was 8, they welcomed Kai into the family. Kai was a bratty and spoiled chil, like Arabella, and Cassia was indifferent towards him. At age 10, Cassia was suprised when someone seemed interested in being her friend. Thayne was a satyr in disguise, and Cassia’s best friend. When Cassia was twelve, one of her teachers turned into a monster, but Thayne protected Cassia. He took her to Camp Halfblood. She felt betrayed that he was her friend by duty, and hasn't spoken to him since. Cassia was glad to go to camp and is a year round camper.

Physical Appearance: Cassia has her mother’s delicate features and small nose. However, her eyes are big and blue. With the use of products, her skin is flawless and her eyebrows are plucked to perfection. She has wavy black hair that gets frizzy when brushed. It goes down to her shoulders. Cassia has light skin and an oval face. Her frame is skinny with an hourglass figure. She is very fit and stands at five feet and nine inches with long legs.

Personality: Cassia is somewhat vain. She tries to look good, but isn't too obsessed with appearances. She inherited her father's stubbornness and leadership skills. Cassia is good in crises. She's asses the situation and brainstorms for solutions. She is very opinionated and to outspoken. Cassia doesn't know when to shut her mouth. She isn't very friendly and avoids social interaction. Instead, the clever girl reads books. Cassia doesn't follow trends, just does her own thing.

Fatal Flaw: Cassia is unreasonably stubborn. Once she gets it in her head that something has to be a certain way, she makes sure it is that way. Cassia sometimes refuses to listen to other people’s ideas. She insists she can do anything on her own, without help. She also always speaks her mind and doesn't know when to be quiet.

Talents: Cassia has always been very fast. She came in ninth out of a hundred at her cross country meets. That always helped her in other sports. It takes a lot of union to tire Cassia. Cassia is also good at climbing things.

Weapons: Cassia likes to use a bow and arrows with celestial bronze tips. In case she fights close combat, she also has a celestial bronze sword.

Other:  Cassia likes to read, because it's the only way to escape her lonely life. She plays many sports.


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Post  Zach on Tue Feb 14, 2017 12:56 pm

Very well written. Good length, and good job going into detail.

When reading my suggestions, keep in mind that I am not staff, simply a Senior Camper, without the authority to require changes to the application, or approve it. However, I do know how they like to approve. They might have a few notes.

I think restrictions on being a child of a Big Three god have been lifted, so I think you are in the clear there. I have a couple grammatical concerns, but they are not incredibly pressing. Just reread and edit any errors you see.

The last thing I was curious about was if Cassia had any monster trouble before heading to Camp. It seemed slightly uneventful, which is not necessarily bad, with the right protection from monsters and all that.

Just some thoughts. Overall, I think it's a very good application.

I would also like to direct your attention here to find out more about the site's current climate.

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Cassia January Bouvet Empty Re: Cassia January Bouvet

Post  Axel The Bunny on Tue Feb 28, 2017 1:04 pm

Only issue I have is with a small part in personality the good leader thing, because it is a bit contradictory to avoidING social interactions. Most leaders typically are very social, that is what separates a leader from a tactician normally, the ability to be charismatic and get people to follow them. Other than that I'd say you're good.
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