Samantha "Sam" Rae Hersch

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Samantha "Sam" Rae Hersch

Post  Sam on Thu Mar 23, 2017 3:45 pm

Name: Samantha "Sam" Rae Hersch

Age: 16

God Parent: Hades

Mortal Family: Adelaide Hersch (mother) Lilly Hersch-Barrera (half-sister) Raymond Barrera (step-father)

Years in Camp: 3

History: Sam was born in Phoenix, Arizona, but left for the country town of Ajo when strange events began occurring frequently while she was at school and in the city-- strange events involving Greek monsters and abominations. She was very unhappy with the move, so her mother got her a puppy to make up for it-- a blue heeler who Sam named Shadow. She was brought to Camp Half-Blood at age 14, and has spent her time there ever since, though she does make the long drive to Arizona a couple times a year to visit her family.

Physical Appearance: Sam is 5"8, weighs 140 lbs and has a medium-athletic build from years of working on her mother's farm. She has pale white skin with a healthy pink glow and short, wavy purplish black hair. Sam has bright blue eyes and usually wears jeans, work boots, a comfy t-shirt, a denim button-down over shirt and, 9 times out of 10, a baseball cap.

Personality: Sam is a fireball of a person who loves to have fun, make others laugh, befriend others and is generally very kind and empathetic. That isn't to say she isn't rough around the edges-- she  can be cocky, unaware of her sometimes grating antics and doesn't take serious situations as seriously as she should.

Fatal Flaw: Sam has a tendency to overestimate her abilities. This is wonderful in some instances, as she can push her abilities and strengths to amazing new highs, however it has the possibility to be very deadly in the right circumstances.

Talents: Sam's talents include playing the guitar and ukulele while singing her favorite Queen songs, rock climbing and befriending dogs instantly.  

Weapons: While Sam prefers to fight hand-to-hand or with her powers granted to her as a daughter of Hades, she always has a long, sheathed dagger on her hip just in case.

Other: Sam refused to go to Camp Half-Blood unless Shadow could come with her. Upon entry, she was told by the camp director that mortal pets wouldn't be allowed because they can't get through the magical barrier that separates the mortals from the magical. Sam, in all her stubbornness, walked through the barrier easily and called to Shadow, who ran through the barrier with the same ease-- meaning her heeler has magical blood of some sort, but she has never found out what yet. On another note, she loves tamales almost as much as Shadow. Almost.

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Re: Samantha "Sam" Rae Hersch

Post  Axel The Bunny on Thu Mar 23, 2017 10:06 pm

Id recommend against going hand to hand as it sounds like a good way to shorten your lifespan...

I'm going to need more in history and personality

Also with the dog thing um mortal creatures can enter camp, they merely cannot do so uninvited much like how monsters cannot do so uninvited. There is also no established rule against pets at CHB that im aware of, so...

No real problems aside from that stuffs.
Axel The Bunny

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