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Name: Jack Brown

Age: 12

God Parent: Hades (If a big three is not acceptable, tell me and I'll edit another god)

Mortal Family: Ben Brown (Brother), Emily Brown (Mom), Joris Van Haarlem (Step Dad), Hanna Van Haarlem (Step Sister)

Years in Camp: A few months, He was just claimed

History: When Jack was five years old, His mom married a guy named Joris Van Haarlem. He was a nice guy, but Jack doesn't remember much, because he was very small at the time. Joris always made Jack a chocolate sandwich before school. Jack still thinks it was only so that Jack would like him. One year ago, Jack had to switch schools. He didn't like the idea of switching schools, but he pushed a kid out of a window, so he had to switch schools. A few months later, Jack saw a person with horns and goat legs out the window, so he called his mom. She told him he just imagined it, but he didn't believe her. He opened the window, and talked to the man. The goat man was terrified, and when Jack started talking, He ran. Jack thought it was a thief with a party costume or something. But then, he heard a large footstep. A really big one. Really really big. There was a giant one eyed creature running towards the goat man. He thought to himself... what were those creatures called? he remembered that one time, the math teacher was sick, so they sent all the kids to greek mythology class instead. They talked about something like... cyprus? No, that was a greek island. Cyclops! That was the creature. He didn't remember them being that big, but mythology isn't real anyway, so why would he be like the cyclops from the greek class? Footsteps were coming up the staircase. He thought that the goat man got into the house and came to kidnap Jack, but it was just his mom. She told him to get in the car. Once he got to the car, his mom pressed the gas as hard as she could, and by 10 minutes, his city was gone from view. They stopped at a forest with a gate, and his mom told him that this is the Camp Half-Blood. Or for short, CHB. She told him to get to the big blue house, and left. He walked into the camp. It was beautiful, but he didn't have time to look at the view. When his mom acts like that, it always means something important is going on. He decided to go to the big blue house he saw there, because that's what his mom told him to do. So he did. He saw his brother there. He once said he was going to the military? Jack ran to him and asked a ton of questions. While talking to his brother, a weird symbol appeared over his and his brother's head. and for a few months now, he lives at Camp Half-Blood.

Physical Appearance: Height: 1.64, Weight: 47.8, Pantone 7020 C skin tone, Ginger Brown hair color, Gray eyes. (Hope this is enough, If I have to note clothes as well, tell me and I'll edit)

Personality: He is pretty quiet. You could spend an entire day with him and not hear a single word come out of his mouth. If he ever gets bullied or anything like that, he usually ignores it. But if someone says anything personal, you'll definetly want to back up. When he meets a new person, he usually just smiles a bit and lets everyone else take care of the talking. While he is quiet, if he feels someone is sad or angry, he will try to cheer them up, no matter the cost.

Fatal Flaw: Probably how weak he is to personal things. If someone would've told him that his brother is dead, for example, he would probably lose himself and either cry, or curl into a ball down on the floor and stay that way for a few hours,

Talents: Extremely good at Ninjitsu

Weapons: None (Yet)

Other: Likes pizza


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