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Faolan Pyralis

Post  Faolan Pyralis on Fri May 05, 2017 4:53 pm

Name: Faolan "Fao" Pyralis

Age: 10 years and 11 months. Birthday is July 7th.

God Parent: Aphrodite

Mortal Family:
Father: James Pyralis (deseased).

Years in Camp: No years, only just arrived!!

Fao has had a tough life. He grew up in rural Texas on his father's stud ranch. Growing up around horses, he is strong for his age and rugged in his words. Nearly 11 years passed eventlessly until the faithful day a stranger showed up at the ranch, limping and walking with a crutch. He and James argued for an hour then, redfaced and obviously angry, the stranger left. The two Pyralis males then went to their barn to break in a new stallion.
The stallion was having none of his breaking in, no matter how gentle and kind both James and Faolan were. When James finally mounted the stallion, he bucked like a wild bronco and bucked the boy's father, killing him as he landed on his head. James died in Faolan's arm and the stranger appeared. Naïvely, Faolan followed him to New York. Long Island to be exact. Camp Half Blood. Where he lives now, in the Hermes cabin, unclaimed as of yet.

Physical Appearance: Faolan has harsh, navy blue eyes set in a well tanned face. Buzz cut blond tops his 4ft6 frame, his hands covered in thick, calloused skin from working with horses his whole life. He has an X shaped scar on the palm of his right hand, from a blood oath he swore at six years old with his then best friend, who passed away suddenly. His stocky frame fills his clothes sell, when they are the correct size, but he prefers to wear clothes 4 times larger than he should.

Personality: Faolan is shy and naïve, believing almost anything he is told. He instantly believed when he was told the gods were real and that he was a demigod. He has a skewed sense of right and wrong, struggling with a genetic disorder known as ASD. He respects very few but those who gain his respect have his undying loyalty.

Fatal Flaw: Overly skewed sense of right and wrong makes Faolan both a valuable ally and a formidable enemy. He has no limits and sees everything as a competition.

Talents: Faolan is quiet adapt at playing guitar and drawing. He is REALLY bad at singing, but he tries anyway.

Weapons: Faolan prefers to stay out of a fight, but if he must, he finds two modified police batons the ideal weapons. Each end is modified to include a small pop out dagger's blade, which he holds with the longer length along the length of his forearms

Other: Don't call Faolan Fao UNLESS he states otherwise. His nickname is reserved for close friends. Also, Pyralis means Fireheart. Faolan is a slight pyromaniac. He is deathly allergic to cats and is terrified of water and heights. He also has an aversion to loud noises and bright lights due to his ASD and dislikes equines, his father having been killed by one.

Faolan Pyralis

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Re: Faolan Pyralis

Post  Lily on Sun May 07, 2017 7:26 pm

First of all, hey! Welcome to the site. I was gonna post on the intro thread, but whatever. Tell your friends–I'm sure some of us can spare the time. I've got a week or two before finals week takes its toll, so we'll see what we can do.
A few things, which are minor, but I'd prefer you specified:

-History: some more detail would be splendid. I can get a rough idea of your character's history, but more details would be nice. Any friends in school? Maybe a brief synopsis of how James caught Aphrodite's eye.
-Personality: Can you explain how his ASD affects his life? Is it at a level where he can easily converse with others? Does it hinder with learning or acquiring new skills?
-Fatal Flaw: His "skewed sense of right and wrong" is a little vague. An example, or maybe some elaboration on what kind of topics Faolan has trouble with and the corresponding thought process would help us understand his fatal flaw better. On a second note, his deathly fear of water and heights / most of the things I see in your others section could potentially be a fatal flaw instead, if you have trouble developing the one you have now.

Other notes: Proof-reading is desirable (I think your spellcheck might have confused some things). Also, where did the pyromaniac thing come from? If you want it to be a part of him, ELABORATE on it. But overall, good first draft!
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