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Erik Krauss (Remake of Old Bio) Empty Erik Krauss (Remake of Old Bio)

Post  Wolfy/Erik on Sat Jul 29, 2017 1:30 am

Name: Erik Krauss

Age: 16

God Parent: Eris, Goddess of Strife and Discord

Mortal Family: Reynard Krauss (Father, Deceased)

Years in Camp: Two Years

History: Erik was born in a small coastal town on the Washington coast, the son of a single father who worked as a marine biologist. His father was always secretive about the identity of Erik's mother, but a rich coastal childhood spent exploring beaches and forests meant that it never really bothered Erik. The only thing he struggled with was elementary school, where he found himself receiving consistently low grades. This didn't bother his father, who opted to pull him out and home-school his son, in the hopes Erik would follow in his father's footsteps. It didn't work out this way.

When Erik was ten, his father took him out on a routine water survey to collect samples. The water was calm and the sky was clear that day, and they were about to head back when the boat was split in two. A massive tail had smashed the ship, separating Erik and his father from each other. As Erik's vision blurred in the cold water, his father's side of the ship vanished beneath the waves. He woke up on the shore some time later, clutching a golden apple among the wreckage. He tried to live alone, but when he was found fatherless he was placed in foster care, where he was passed from home to home through the next three years of his life. For a most part they were uneventful, until at his final home, another foster kid pulled him aside and explained his heritage. He refused to believe it initially, even after the kid revealed himself as a satyr, and stormed off. This would prove to be a mistake, as shortly after he was slammed against a wall by a large club and incapacitated. Miraculously he survived, and woke up to the satyr dragging Erik by his collar towards the camp. At this point, he accepted that he was being pulled into a different world entirely.

Luckily for Erik, he thrived at camp. He made friends and found a home there, and grew to trust people, something he had always struggled with. In particular, he placed all his trust in Jacob, who not only forged him weapons, but also brought Erik along for a quest, in which he helped kill a nearly invincible monster (something the newer campers still refuse to believe). He trained there, and grew more in touch with his mother's influence, allowing him to channel her strategic and discordant prowess while becoming better at controlling it. While he still hasn't mastered them, he hopes to use them in a positive way.

Physical Appearance: Erik is a tall and somewhat lanky individual. His hair, golden-blonde, is medium length, falling about to his jaw. The left side of his hair sports bright pink highlights that he added recently in an attempt to stand out a bit more. Over that hair, he wears a leather aviator cap full of colorful pins. To compliment this, he also wears a half length leather bomber jacket that stops at his midsection. Under this, he wears all sorts of graphic tees, occasionally his camp shirt.

Personality: Erik is outgoing and willing to make friends with anyone. Despite surrounding himself with friends, he enjoys being independent and rarely follows any advice or orders given to him. If he thinks he's right, only people he deeply trusts can convince him otherwise. While he tries to maintain a good relationship with everyone he meets, he tends to laugh when people try to get serious with him, and will often antagonize those who get angry with him, making them angrier in the process. Because of this, he's difficult to intimidate with threats and hard to control unless a positive relationship has already been established. While he dislikes the abilities he received from Eris, he often finds himself using them without thinking about it, and the more he uses them the more antagonistic and scheming he becomes, until someone snaps him out of it.

Fatal Flaw: Fiercely independent. Erik is nearly impossible to order around and will laugh in the face of authority. Only those he puts his complete faith into stand a chance of convincing him to do something if he doesn't think it's the right thing to do, and earning his full trust is a difficult task. In a battle, he'll abandon strategies to fight his way, which can cause battle formations and plans to crumble.

Talents: Erik's talents can be split into those inherited from his mother and those he's picked up himself. Being a son of Eris, he's an excellent liar and can weave very convincing stories with complete confidence. He's also a naturally gifted strategist on the battlefield, finding weaknesses in the enemies strategies and using those to sow discord among his enemies. Off the battlefield, he has the uncanny ability to hone in on what strains relationships between people and can use this to his advantage, creating a heated fight among the closest friends with a couple of words.

As for his own talents, he's capable in close-ranged combat using knives, and has excellent aim when throwing them. He's also agile, he can move quickly in battle and prefers to dodge attacks while carefully waiting for openings.

Weapons: Apple of Discord, a normal sized golden apple. It radiates discord, amplifies arguments and worsens distrust, but it can't create them itself. A keepsake from Erik's mother, he can't seem to get rid of it, and it always comes back to him. (I hope this is ok, I was going over my old RP posts and he seemed to have this before)

Other: Things tend to go wrong around Erik. Nothing bad happens to him directly, but things around him tend to break. If something can go wrong, his presence increases the chance that it will. The chance rises with his emotional state. He can't control this or focus it on a specific thing or person, however.

Notes: So Erik isn't new, but his bio seems to be gone from the site, this is a re-write with as much as I can remember. It's been years though, so this definitely isn't as accurate as I'd like it to be, but I'm using that as an opportunity to enhance him and mature him a bit, I hope that's okay and I hope his bio is okay! I'm hoping we can get a small community going on here at least.

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