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Post  Darcy Silverton on Fri Aug 04, 2017 10:22 pm

Name: Darcy Silverton

Age: 14

God Parent: Hades

Mortal Family: First and Last Names. Even if they're dead, they were alive at some point. Include them.

Years in Camp: This is Darcy's first year at Camp Half-Blood.

History: Darcy had everything before her 14th birthday: she went to a private school where she had many friends, her mother was a well-off business woman but was still close with Darcy and her siblings. They were a very tight-knit and loving family. Darcy noticed strange things ever since she was 10 years old, like strange-looking people giving her weird looks, among other things. She also noticed that she was very different from her brother and sister. On the day before her 14th birthday, she had her first encounter with a monster, a hellhound. She got away safely, because her father is Hades, but she later demanded to know what was going on. Her mother explained that she had fallen in love with the Greek god Hades, and that Darcy was his daughter. In a fit of anger, Darcy ran away from home that night, later coming back home to find that her mother and siblings had all died. She narrowly escaped the thing that killed her family-a cyclops-and was stopped by a satyr and brought to Camp Half-Blood safely.

Physical Appearance: Darcy has long, dark brown hair that she usually keeps in two braids and hazel eyes. She has fair skin and a lean, athletic build, and has freckles dotting her face. She also has a small scar just above her left eyebrow from her short fight with the cyclops.

Personality: Darcy is incredibly loyal to those close to her (i.e. family members and a very select few friends) Like most children of Hades, she isn't particularly social and has a hard time connecting with others and making friends. Though she seems cold and distant, once she becomes close with someone she comes more out of her shell. She has been through some tough times throughout her life, much like many other demigods, making her tough. However, she can also be very sensitive, but she doesn't like to show it. She's also very stubborn when she's passionate about something.

Fatal Flaw: Darcy's fatal flaw is the constant need to impress others. Feeling as though she let all her past friends and family down, she feels the need to prove herself to others, and this involves taking highly unnecessary and life-threatening risks.

Talents: Darcy played a lot of sports before Camp Half-Blood, so she's very active, but she's only really good at running, her favourite thing to do.

Weapons: A sword and dagger of celestial bronze.

Other: She has a soft spot for dogs, but despises cats.

Darcy Silverton

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