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Application for creating my demigod Empty Application for creating my demigod

Post  CorneliaJackson on Tue Aug 22, 2017 12:16 pm

Name: Cornelia Jackson

Age: 13

God Parent: Poseidon

Mortal Family: Sally Jackson

Years in Camp: 3 years

History: Cornelia Jackson was the late birth of a child of Poseidon. Supposed to be born along with Percy, but that's how messed up the gods are. When the bit of Poseidon that was late reached its goal, Cornelia was brought into the world. Unfortunately, she couldn't stay with them even though Sally couldn't bear to let her go. Eventually, she'd given Cornelia off to people on the countryside where she was raised and had no clue of any of her true heritage until she had run away after almost drowning her foster parents. She felt as if they'd done more than enough to care for her, yet this was what she gave in return. Not wanting to lose control again, I left to find Camp Half - Blood, one of the safest places for our kind, even if that meant that monsters would find me.

Physical Appearance: Cornelia's hair is the average long hair and the same black as Percy's hair. Her hair is wavy and her eyes reflect the calm blue of the ocean reflecting the colours of the sunset closer to the iris. She's not as tanned as Percy but has an okay skin tone. On her right calf is a small birthmark she's still trying to identify as either a fish, a cookie or something far from her own imagination.

Personality: Cornelia cares more about what those around her need more than what she needs, asking them what they needed and so forth. She's a really optimistic and crazy person majority of the time and takes, "You're weird" as a compliment. It's easy for Cornelia to make friends, and whenever they need her, she's there for them. Cornelia has a really fluffy side for people, m'kay? Some might even say she's sassy and sarcastic. What her friends say anyway.

Fatal Flaw: This may be an over-used fatal flaw, but this is serious. The care for others even goes above her own life. To her, if Cornelia had to choose between either saving her friends or her own skin, there would be no question about the matter. Of course, villains are able to twist you so the fate you choose either means the world or your friends. It's not stopping her from choosing her friends over the rest of the world. As long as they were safe and okay, nothing else mattered to her. She just wished to treat everyone the way her foster parents had treated her: her needs above their own.

Talents: Because of the tendency to always look at details, Cornelia has talents with art. Mainly water-colouring, obviously. At first, before she knew of her godly parentage, she's been unusually good at water-colouring, which came as a surprise to many people when they discovered that a 9-year-old could make an almost exact replica of the Mona Lisa in watercolour form. She's also amazing at making up a story on the spot, which makes her an incredible liar when she needs to be. Who knows, she could be the one who tells stories around the fire after dinner.

Weapons: Cornelia's weapon, like Percy, is disguised but not in the same form, nor is it the same weapon. It is made of Celestial bronze and is actually two small weapons. Both are in the form of a half of a necklace, the necklaces the opposite of each other as oppose to the blades. All she needs to do to activate them is to yank them off her neck and she'll be wielding her daggers almost as if she were shadow-travelling. Since the blades are opposites, when they're separated, they join back together to create the necklace again if Cornelia doesn't do it. Like the enchantment on Percy's pen, it returns to her neck.

Other: Although she was never brought up with Percy, they both still had the love for one thing. BLUE FOOD!!! And on her journey to camp, she happily conversed with any sea creatures she came across when she neared any beaches or any horses in the countryside. It probably made sense to her now why horses really liked her. Oh, and noticed the font is Papyrus. Huge fan of Undertale here, you have no idea.

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