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Victor Mars (Character Application) Empty Victor Mars (Character Application)

Post  VicMars14 on Mon Sep 04, 2017 3:36 pm

Name: Victor Mars

Age: 14 (Claimed 12)

God Parent: Apollo

Mortal Family: Kim Mars (Deceased)

Years in Camp: 1

History: Victor was abused by his mother and was constantly bullied. He found he had talent in music, and loved to hold a bow and arrow. He was shooting around with one he bought with spare change, and accidentally killed his mother. He was on the run and going from state to state until he found the Camp. He survived in the streets by playing music and earning spare change. He also protected homeless people and children at night with his bow. He used to be funny and carefree, but the streets have turned him cold. He knows right from wrong and does whatever it takes to keep innocent people safe.

Physical Appearance: He is 5'5, and 126 lbs. Short Black Hair. Brown Eyes. Scar on the back of his hand. Tan Skin. Usually Wears Skinny Jeans or Adidas Sweatpants.

Personality: He is an introvert and doesn't usually talk alot, unless it's important. He is very observant and always cautious, always watching for possible danger. Assertive and knows what to do in most situations. He is advanced in Archery and exceptional in hand to hand combat, due to his life in the streets. Always calm in dangerous situations and knows how to handle pressure.

Fatal Flaw: He's blunt. He's outspoken. Frankly, He's kind of a jerk. But he gets away with it because he's usually right and also because he's indispensable and valuable. But it’s going to come back to haunt him. One of these days, he's going to be TOO honest. He's going to refuse to lie at a critical juncture, upholding his honorable caustic truthfulness, and he's going to pay the ultimate price for it.

Talents: He can play most instruments proficiently, except any kind of tuba or trombone or trumpet. Amazing at most projectile weapons because he's been practicing almost all his life and handled plenty of weapons. He doesn't have dyslexia and uses this to his advantage as he can read 300 words per minute and has a good memory. He is excellent at gymnastics, which means he can do flips and tricks in the air.

Weapons: Bow and Arrow, with 3 Throwing Knives made with Celestial Bronze.

Other: Likes to eat a lot, since he never had a chance to eat much in the streets.


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