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Post  athenadancedaughter on Fri Sep 15, 2017 12:51 am

My Character's name is Alex whysheild
She is a daughter of Athena
She is 13 years old
This is her first year at camp
Alex Parents are CIA agents named Anna and Maxwell Whysheild
Alex is really bubbly and is extremly intellegent, she love to explore new things. She often fangirls over doctor who, and harry potter.
Alex has extreme anxiety and ADHD, and hates many of her teachers at school. She is a good leader but often bosses other around, and dont mess with her when shes reading Her hobbies include writing, dancing, building miniatures, and skeching.
Alex's fatal flaw is she has exterme self doubt, and wants everything to be perfect
She has tha bility to dissolve int pure thought like her mother.


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