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Post  PeachyCanyon on Fri Sep 22, 2017 4:04 am

Name: Elena Diana Ramirez

Nickname: Eli

Age: 16

God Parent: Demeter

Mortal Family:
Father: Vincente Ramirez, born in Chile and raised in Los Angeles, California
Older Brother: Giovanni “Gio” Ramirez, Eli’s older half-brother who’s 10 years older than her
Older Sister: Josefa “Jo” Ramirez, Eli’s older half-sister who’s 6 years older than her

Years in Camp: 3

History: Vincente Ramirez was an immigrant from Chile who had lived in California since he was 4 years old. He and his first wife, Terese, had two children together before she died. Vincente worked as a computer programmer in LA until his wife died. He spiraled into a steady depression that led him to move to the countryside of California for a change of pace, where Elena was born. Elena was raised in a small town where her father worked in the winery business where he had always longed to work. Although her older siblings always loved and protected her, their significant age gaps made it hard for them to relate to each other. Her older brother longed to move back to LA but Elena and her sister enjoyed what they could of the small town country life. Elena never wanted to stay inside when she was a kid. She was never good at growing fruits or vegetables in her garden no matter how hard she tried but she always knew how to care for the flowers and sometimes she felt like she could communicate with the birch trees in front of her house. In fact, she always felt a strong connection with trees. It seemed to her that she had never seen a tree she didn’t think was beautiful. Life was peaceful in her small town until she was 13. Of course adolescence is a tumultuous time for all people, but she began to notice strange figures following her sometimes. Maybe it was a trick of the light but she swore some people she met were hiding feathers under their jackets or their teeth were a little more pointed than normal when they smiled. Once the nightmares of monsters started, she told her father about it. To assure her safety, he took her to camp half-blood without revealing much information. They had been lucky enough to not have any violent run-ins with monsters. At camp she finally got answers about her mother and the strange things she had begun to see.

Eli’s first year at camp she didn’t fit in too well, having yet to emerge from her awkward preteen stages. She didn’t care much for violence and chose not to partake in learning how to wield a weapon or join in capture the flag. She stuck around the Apollo cabin, mostly. She was claimed halfway through her first year at camp and instantly felt at home with the children of Demeter. They were very down to Earth (surprise, surprise) and she learned a lot from them. The Apollo kids helped her come out of her shell more and she started befriending more people. She spent a lot of time with the satyrs and dryads learning which plants were edible, which were poisonous, and which were medicinal. She also enjoyed canoeing but didn’t build up the courage for dangerous things yet.

Eli’s second year at camp she was a lot more outgoing and friendly. She made as many friends as she could and felt more involved in camp. She actually learned how to handle herself in combat but was still too afraid to chose a weapon, settling for a shield. She joined in capture the flag as defense and actually enjoyed herself. She still didn’t have the courage for the climbing wall or a Pegasus ride, but she was glad to stray from her comfort zone.

Eli’s third year at camp she started to feel very confident. She was happy to see her old friends and excited to meet new faces. She felt like she was really free to be herself. She decided to wield a knife and found herself joining in capture the flag every week. She still hadn’t built up the courage to try the climbing wall but she did ride a Pegasus for the first time. The first two times were terrifying but by the third ride she started to get the hang of it and actually enjoy it. On weekends she would go fishing with some of her half-siblings/cabin mates and some of her old friends from the Apollo cabin. She found herself spending more time with the mischievous kids from the Hermes cabin than she would have expected. They made her third year of camp the most fun with the little parties they’d throw in the forest on the weekends.

Physical Appearance: Eli’s significantly short measuring at 5’1”. She’s fairly chubby weighing in at about 120 lbs, with very obvious curves. She has fair skin but tans very easily thanks to her latinx heritage. She has a small round nose, lips that are perpetually a shade of very pale pink, dark eyebrows, and green eyes that are usually hidden behind big black framed glasses (she starts wearing contacts when she’s 15). Her hair is usually kept a little longer than shoulder length, parted in the middle, and is a rich medium brown and has a copper tinge in the sunlight.

Personality: Age 13- She’s very awkward and shy when she first meets someone. She is very doubtful in her abilities and it shows whenever she tries to do something she isn’t comfortable doing. She has a hard time gaining the courage to talk to people but doesn’t trip over her words too much when she does talk to them. Once she’s comfortable with someone, she’s very funny and doesn’t have a hard time saying what she feels. She can be a little bit impulsive and doesn’t always think things through before she says or does something and retreats into embarrassment when she messes up. She feels comfortable only in a close knit group of friends.

Age 14- She’s a lot more outgoing, taking more confidence in herself when talking to strangers or acquaintances. She’s a bit more courageous but still likes to do things she’s familiar with and it takes a lot of effort to get her out of her comfort zone. She’s still impulsive but a lot less sensitive and afraid of embarrassment. As she begins to make more friends, she finds her social skills improving significantly as well. Thanks to her new friends, she enjoys finding adventure when she can.

Age 15- Each day she feels as if she grows more and more confidence. She has more courage than she feels she’s ever had. Her wit, charm, and humor makes her the life of the party. She loves meeting knew but still feels as though she has a tight knit circle of friends whom she can talk to about anything. She’s always been a sympathetic person and although she’s always been a very sensitive girl, she’s done a better job of hiding her sensitivity and insecurities. (She’s very insecure about her intelligence since it’s hard for her to get good grades and she’s insecure about her looks, feeling as though she’s an unconventional beauty).

She’s a rowdy tomboy, even though she presents herself as feminine. She burps out loud, makes crude jokes, and isn’t afraid of gross things (especially after spending time with the Apollo cabin when they talk about autopsies and surgeries). She doesn’t like violence much but doesn’t mind getting dirty or scraped up. She finds satisfaction in hard, productive work.

Fatal Flaw: Her impulsiveness might be the death of her, especially as she grows more confident in herself and less afraid of consequences throughout the years. As she grows older she may have more wisdom and can find balance in her skepticism, but too much confidence and a lack of skepticism could make her impulsiveness deadly. Sometimes she’s more impulsive with her thoughts and what she says, and finds herself doing things thoughtlessly for dumb reasons like trying to impress her friends. She gets herself into a lot of trouble when she doesn’t think things through and could get into deadly situations too because of this.

Talents: Although she’s never had much of a green thumb she’s always loved working in the dirt, even if her plants don’t always grow that nicely. She also has a knack for memorizing plants without referring to books or pictures, although she does keep a journal of the different plants she likes and sees. She works best with trees and can recognize any tree she sees even if it’s dead or singed. Thanks to the satyrs, she picked up the hobby of woodcarving and makes some beautiful carvings from time to time.

Weapons: She has a simple round shield made of wood and leather that one of her friends from the Apollo cabin helped her make, and she has a knife she picked from the armory. It’s just a simple knife someone made (most likely from the Hephaestus cabin) that she found in a dusty pile of discarded weapons. It’s a little bigger than palm size and is only used for close combat. She names her shield σημύδα (simyda) after the birch tree like the ones that stood outside of her window, guarding her like sentinels when she was young.

Other: She’s also multilingual. Besides speaking Greek and English she can also speak Spanish.

Didn't edit as much as I would've hoped but I hope it's readable.


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