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Name: Kristina Fey Dante
Age: 18
God Parent: Poseidon
Mortal Family: Natalie Hayne [mother] (Deceased), Patrick Hayne [step-father]
Years in Camp: 10ish
Brief History: Kris grew up in upstate New York with her mother until she was four. It was at that time her step-dad, Patrick, entered the picture. He was very good to Kris and her mother. When she 7 her mother became very ill and a year later she died. Her step-dad held Kris close to him for a couple months but Kris didn't like being "caged" up. She began to rebel. She would get in trouble with everyone that she came in contact with. Her rebellious streak led her to running away from home when she was just 8. With no clue where she was going, Kris just kept going until she ran into one of the helpers from her school. It was then that she was claimed and this helper, who was really her protector, took her safely to Camp Half-Blood. From there, her step-dad was called and everything was set straight. Ever since then, Kris has been going to camp every year. It started out all year and then went to just summer when she wanted to go back to school and now that she graduated, she will be remaining at camp all year. She is Head Counselor for Poseidon cabin. She is also going to be teaching arena fighting for the upcoming summer and all sequential summers.
Physical Appearance: Kris is about 5' 9", average for her age I guess. She has pretty fair skin from living in New York all her life. Her brown hair reaches her mid-back now, it used to only be at her shoulders until she decided to grow it out. She has blonde highlights and normally pulls her hair up into a ponytail so it doesn't get in the way while fighting. But for normal occasions, her hair is down and flowing. She normally wears jeans and her camp shirt but there are a lot of instances she is caught in something different. She looks a lot like her mother and not much like a Poseidon kid.
Personality: Kristina is very nice when she wants to be. But according to her psychologist, she had Bipolar disorder, meaning her mood changes in an instant. One minute she is all happy-go-lucky, and the next she is miss gloom-and-doom. But even with that, she is a very easy person to get along with. She loves to teach people that are willing to learn things the hard way.
Fatal Flaw: Kris tends to get angry easily, which can be really bad in a fight because then she tends to lose her reasoning in the fight and her moves are made out of rage instead of thought. Though she can keep her anger somewhat in check, there are those times when it gets out of control and ruins everything.
Talents: She is the best swordsman at camp as well as the best swimmer, but that's just because she can freaking breathe under water... oh and don't forget everything a Poseidon kid can do, she has like mastered all the techniques.
Weapons: She has a total of three swords but only has two on her at any given time. All of them are stored as rings. Her favorite is a wicked sharp reverse-blade sword, her main weapon (silver band, purple heart stone). Her next favorite is a Japanese style long sword with a black hilt and a blue jewel towards the base of the blade (class ring, silver band, blue heart stone). The third, which she rarely uses and was her first sword ever is a traditional gladiator sword (gold band, no stone). All three swords are made of celestial bronze but her two main ones are tempered to look silver.
Other: Well, she graduated high school and is going to work at the camp training swordsmen. Oh yeah... and she is emotionally distraught at times because she remembers that her bestest friend in the whole world and the kid she was crushing on hard was dead, or so she thought.


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