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Sarah "Wes" Foote

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Name: Sarah “Wes” Foote
Age: 16
God Parent: Apollo
Mortal Family: Mother – Karrie Foote; Stepfather – Paul Foote; Brothers – Joey Foote (18) and Tyler Foote (13)
Years in Camp: 9 summers

Brief History: At a road bump in their marriage, Wes’s stepfather left for a bit. While gone, her mother met Apollo taking Wes’s older brother to a beach. Wes was later born in central Florida, and grew up there, never going near the Miami area, however. Like many famous musicians, such as Mozart and Beethoven, she was claimed by Apollo fairly young – Sarah (not yet called Wes) was just doodling around on the piano when she produced a series of chord changes that sounded sweet enough to catch Apollo's attention. At the age of seven - when she was old enough to play with knives - she went off to camp. Now, during the school year, she practices Taekwondo - currently 1st degree black belt – plays her instruments, and moves around schools. During the summer, she keeps her position as the Apollo's cabin head councilor.

Physical Appearance: Wes has curly brown hair that extends down to about breast level which she keeps back in a ponytail. She sweeps her bangs back and has little curly tufts in front of her ears. Her eyes are a mix of blue and green, and a little gray. She’s a fair 5’7” and average weight. She mostly wears jeans and a t-shirt – black, if not her camp shirt. She always wears a black velcro watch, a black and white wrist sweatband with a cross (which she turns to bring out her bow and quiver) and a plain silver purity ring.    

Personality: Wes used to be quiet, reserved, and fairly serious. Then she met the kids at camp. Now, as a Dew-aholic, she cannot help letting out her hyper activeness. She’s learned to take jokes and unleash them in return, but that’s not to say she doesn’t still feel the double-edged sword sometimes. She won’t admit it, but she’s been cut deep a few times.

Fatal Flaw: The most fatal of flaws is not knowing what that flaw is. Wes chooses to keep her problems to herself and not seek much guidance or advice. Problems add up, weighing down on Wes and deteriorating her sense of reality (a depersonalization effect.)  
Talents: Whole-hearted musician, specializing in viola, trombone, and electric bass; camp’s head of archery; martial artist

Weapons: Though she owns many weapons, she usually keeps on person just her bow (in wristband form) and a pair of nunchucks (as a key chain in her pocket) in case she needs them for close-ranged combat, or if her bow breaks.  

Other: Wes got her nickname back when she was shy and quiet – a few kids at camp came up to her when she was new. One asked her name and another asked which school she went to, probably after taking notice of her Florida Space Coast shirt. She knew the first was a troublemaker, so she turned to the second and said, “Quest,” that being the name of her elementary school. The first thought she’d said ‘Wes’ and was answering him. Long story short, everyone at camp has called her Wes ever since. Just a little interesting fact.


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